‘Strikes lawful but we won’t support them’, says CSC

President of Civil Service Commission (CSC) Mohamed Latheef has said that the commission does not support strikes on principle “as civil servants are working for the benefit of the people, and [striking] is harmful for the people.”

However he said that those civil servants who were striking over the salary issue were using a right accorded them under the law.

He also said civil servants had a right to their full salary this month, and that it was “unfair” of the government to restore only some salaries (at the independent commissions).

Latheef said that all government employees, including independent commissions, “must face the difficulties due to the country’s economic condition.”

“The CSC believes that this is a national issue and it can be solved by speaking. Going to the court is not our first option, we wish this to be solved by talks,” he said.

Press secretary for the president’s office Mohamed Zuhair said it was not the government who decided the salaries of independent commissions, and that “rather it was decided by the parliament and the government does not have any power over it.”

Civil servants salaries accounted for 70 per cent of government’s expenditure, he said, while the independent commissions accounted for only five per cent.

He added that while the CSC might not believe that legal action could be taken against the striking civil servants, “that is not how the government feels about this.”

He said the government would restore the salaries of civil servants when its income reaches Rf7 billion, and the fact that parliament approved a budget of Rf7 billion “does not mean that we have it on our hands now,” he explained.

Spokesman for the Finance Ministry Ismail Shafeeq said that the government would provide civil servants “what we can.”

“Everyone knows the country’s economic condition,” he said.

Shafeeq said that he believes everyone, including civil servants and independent commissions, “must endure the special economic conditions of the country.”

“The finance ministry will be deciding whether or not to change their decision,” he added.

MDP MP Ahmed Easa said he believed civil servants and the independent commissions should both be receiving the lowered salary.

“When salaries are increased the country’s inflation rate gets high,” he said, “and when the inflation rate rises prices rise as well.’

Easa said “the best solution” was for the government to keep the 15 per cent salary money “and cut the import duty for food.”


7 thoughts on “‘Strikes lawful but we won’t support them’, says CSC”

  1. I am appalled with the lack of competence with the incumbent government. It is utterly apparent that Civil service employees could not accept to receive lowered salary while other independent and politicians indulge with their immense salaries and enjoying their affluent lifestyle.

    Anni - we have not voted you to be unfair with our people and it is very unjust that you pretend to be oblivious to this issue. You seems to be reluctant to go against the will of your wily politicians and too much of problems are arising from your administration. If you are the change that we've voted why cant you just implement uniform laws to everyone. I am suspicious with your integrity and if you could end your presidential term as smooth as maumoon did.

  2. My sentiments as well.
    I wonder if MP Ahmed Easa is willing to cut down on his salary & benefits, which amounts to the equivalent of the salaries of about 7-8 civil servants.

    Everyone talks about the economic conditions etc etc, but no one is willing to cut anything from their own salaries, so why should the civil servants accept the same? Zuhair may say that the 70% of the national budget goes towards the salary of civil servants, but they don't mention that it is going to nearly 29,000 people(& their families) & it is the hard work of these civil servants that draws in most of the revenue to the national budget, like Customs, Immigration etc. The civil servants serves the whole nation, not just people who wear yellow, blue or purple & this is the thanks they get? Getting fired because the new government suddenly announces that they want the number of civil servants to be reduced 50% & a reduced salary!

    We voted for the new president to see a change for the better, not for worse. If this is a preview of the coming 4 years, i am afraid of what to expect & regret voting.

  3. Now this is amusing: "MDP MP Ahmed Easa said he believed civil servants and the independent commissions should both be receiving the lowered salary.

    well Mr Easa above all, it should be you parliamentarians who should be getting a lower pay than what your getting now...i dont think there is anyone of you who deserves MRF 65000 per month..most of you people do nothing except take the pay at the end of each month

  4. it's seem we are going to spend things that we don't have , Hey MR.CSC your are not only people in MALDIVES, There are more than CSC employers in Maldives, What you will do if food and other things price goes up?? Will you pay for that, THINK AGAIN Mr.CSC

  5. all the salries should be cut down. parliament members salary should be cut down by more 50%. this issue of salaries arose when parliament members raised their salry by themselves. the pay parlimentarians get now is a high pay even if we consider world standards.so why dont you vote to cut your pay by half.

  6. this is really shame for the country. The CSC president says that legal action from government might be a possibility. may be he hasn't read Art 16, Art 31, Art 64, Art 69 of the constitution of republic of Maldives. oh he has never seen employment Act of Maldives. NO wonder the civil servants have to bear all the financial problem, this is utterly incompetence from the CSC President. Yes it's is true he dont has to support the strike, but he has to know that it is totally LEGAL and until now no one can actually take action against any employee what so ever the strike is for, until or unless it does not contradict with Islamic Shar'ah or any law of Maldives. Humiliation to the civil servant are being continued and no one worries. First thing to do is fire this CSC commission President, then we might take it positively in good hands and better service for the servants


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