Thasmeen elected DRP leader by default

Ahmed Thasmeen Ali has been elected as the leader for the opposition Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP), as no other member of the party stood to compete against him.

The party’s former leader Maumoon Abdul Gayoom recently endorsed Thasmeen as the DRP’s leader following his resignation from politics.

DRP member and former president of the Islamic Democratic Party (IDP) Umar Naseer congratulated Thasmeen for becoming leader but the leader of the DRP “must not [automatically] be the DRP’s candidate for the presidential election; it has to be taken by a vote,’ he said.

DRP spokesman Ibrahim Shareef said he had “nothing to say about it.”

“The DRP congress will confirm Thasmeen as the president and it’s done, what else should I say?” he said.

MDP MP Ahmed Easa claimed Thasmeen’s automatic election as leader was undemocratic, particularly after Gayoom’s public endorsement.

“It’s unbelievable that nobody else stood up for the DRP leadership,” he said.

Press secretary of the president’s office Mohamed Zuhair said while the government was happy that the DRP is strengthening its internal democracy, Thasmeen’s election and Gayoom’s endorsement was “a one horse race, just the way it used to be.”

‘That the leader of the DRP was elected without a single person standing against is not very democratic,” Zuhair stated.

Minivan News was unable to reach Thasmeen for comment.


24 thoughts on “Thasmeen elected DRP leader by default”

  1. from one unelected leader to another. sums up the DRP's commitment to democracy; lack of respect for their members

  2. A coronation and not a congress. This is what their gathering is going to be. I can't see how DRP can claim to be democratic.

    It remains the party of dictatorship.

  3. i thought Yameen wanted to lead DRP... he must be furious with thasmeen for talking over the party without even a vote

  4. Once a Golhaa will remain a golhaa forever.

    DRP can do no good to this nation of ours. Look how democratic the party is? Gayyoom endorsed his successor on his farewell speech and then no one else in the party had guts to stand in the election against Gay yooms will?? Isnt it a laugh??

    Dont talk about MDP guys. You DRP's can never compete with them??


  5. Ofcourse nobody stood up. That would be too difficult for the average DRP member to wrap their heads around.

    I know that sounds inflammatory, but really, it's amazing how many people still believe the DRP is a shining spotless beacon of hope and democracy.

    We need another strong party. The political situation here is becoming all too black and white.

  6. Actually minivan news is jealous with thasmeen candidancy as DRP presidential candidate... He will definitely beat Anni in the election as he has done it in the past.. Today, we have seen how world rewards pwople with patience. If Gasim, Dr. Hassan, Yaameen or Nasheed (Kutti) has waited till today i believe they could atleast fight for the leadership.... But they went in search for much better things as they advocate... But now i believe they didn't have the strong backing of loyal politician to be on their side due to their mistreatment. Today Thasmeen has almost 27 mps with him and the most powerful member of the parliament. If Maldives constitution allows a prime minister it would be Thasmeen.. But I dont Support this guy due to his reckless and unsupportive efforts. Major reason he got that position was:
    * Lots of people thought DRP has no future.
    * Thasmeen Faction within DRP is so strong with almost all places in control.
    * Other potential politicians has made judgmental errors.
    * Other politicians are running after their own safety and security.
    * Not even single Businessman is ready to invest in this time.
    MAy be thousands.
    And for MP Easa, I don't know who you are and to whom you could be loyal but what i know is you are one of the recruits of Thasmeen Family at Reethi Rah Resort and later you betrayed his brother (MOHO). Before talking about about democratic values can you please return money taken from various DRP politicians during 2008 election. As a member of TEAM i really want you to step down from TEAMs President as you are one of the corrupt.

  7. DRP and its monarchy-style rule is obvious from the fact that Thasmeen automatically became the leader. There were other senior posts for which nobody competed. DRP is like a mini-Egypt where lots of seats are "contested" by a single person from Hosni Mubarak's party and no one else would dare to challenge. Only seats where there will be two persons or more will be when Hosni Mubarak cannot choose whom he really want for the seat. It shows how well Maumoon studied from Azhar University and have been applying its principles well in his political career.

    Where are all the so-called educated people of DRP?

  8. DRP Elections are not free and fair – Says Yaameen

  9. zaeem of DRP cult now named as Thusmeen, this cult is responbible for the recent attack on MNDF headquarters plus the Presidential palace, which reminds the Sarin attack on the Tokyo subway, by Aum Shinrikyo on March 20, 1995....

  10. what a joke. thasmeen appointed by gayoom with no election; dhunya and ghassan appointed by gayoom with no election. mahloof appointed by gayoom without election. all to be rubber stamped by the drp congress. this is like majlis was when filled with gayoom cronies - rubber stamp any legislation maumoon wants. Yameen is right to be angry.

  11. DRP cannot be democratic. Thasneem will do what ever he can, cos from childhood his dreams was to become the president. No matter how influence Maumoon is he will say "Yes sir". Dunya and Gazzan on 2 wings. Is this a joke. I heard Thasneem is campaigning to get rid of Fathin for vice president.

  12. No matter how corrupt or undemocratic drp is, they will win a presidential election even if you have it today. DRP won the majority of parliament seats while mdp was in power. So STOP talking crap about drp and try to focus on how you can improve your own loving party mdp. Shame on you all for what you have achieved in the past year.

  13. WOW!
    What an election!
    And from what a Sword to what another Sword!
    What a decision by the real Dhivehi Rundinge Party! Adhiyyooy!

  14. by default? now that is what i call democratic. and so natural that drp does not have members cut out to "lead" the party. and they say they have leaders. now that is funny

  15. hahahah... doesnt matter if members of DRP except it or not... there is just one man ready to lead the tormented party. 🙂

  16. LOL..LOL. Elected? Was there any election. Do they (Dhivehi Rundinge Party) members know the meaning of 'election'?

  17. In my view, Thasmeen has been elected because members of DRP respects him and believes that he is the right person to lead them, which he has shown in the past. Members could have contested, there was nothing that stood between contesting, it was respect and belief, in MDP everyone wants power and leadership where no one single person is eligible or even have the knowledge and wisdom. Am sorry to say this, but i think thasmeen won it free and fair with the respect, and for the members of DRP i would like to add that you dont need to have elections as it would be a financial spending where you need to focus on the presidential elections and for Thasmeen i would advice you not to have the internal elections because it would run your funds for the presidential elections.

  18. i wonder what will happen to the DRP - PA coalition after this so called "election"!! I bet Yaameen would want to pull out.. Lets wait and see.

  19. so much for the man who claims he brought democracy for maldives..maumoon you bring us shame..and Tas your party is about to start..all those dreams are finally coming true..

  20. It is not that DRP doesn't have others with leadership potential. It is that they are all terrified of the consequences of going against the 'leader' - the most primal of instincts they developed under Maumoon.


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