Sword shipment destined for ‘Picasso Choice’ toyshop, reveals Customs

Maldives Customs Services today revealed the name of the company responsible for importing a shipment of swords and realistic-looking toy firearms.

According to customs, 260 ‘Airsoft’ pellet guns, five ornamental swords and 12 sling shots were imported to a toy shop Male’ called ‘Picasso Choice’.

Minivan News attempted to contact the owner of Picasso Choice, but the shop attendant said he did not know about the shipment and declined to give the owner’s number, identifying him only as ‘Ibrahim’.

Shortly afterwards, the same shopkeeper rang back to pass on a message from the owner, stating that as the media had not contacted him regarding the shipment until today, he did not wish to comment.

Yesterday Maldives Customs Spokesperson Ibrahim Mohamed revealed that the shipments of swords and toy guns were imported in the name of a company that was owned by a “prominent businessman”.

Customs inspectors initially discovered the swords on July 29. Later, during further inspection of the same shipment, inspectors discovered the toy guns and sling shots customs officers observed were “much more powerful” than normal toy guns.

Two men were also arrested recently at immigration after arriving from Colombo with nine black face masks and a stun gun in their luggage.

A statement issued by the customs identified the two men as Ali Nihad Mohamed, 20, of Joothyge in Galolhu district Male’, and Ahmed Farish, 25,of Konottaa also in Galolhu district.

The stun gun and five face masks were found inside the baggage of Nihad and four black masks were found in the baggage of Farish, customs stated.


17 thoughts on “Sword shipment destined for ‘Picasso Choice’ toyshop, reveals Customs”

  1. police should look into the fact that the owner of the shop is an "ibrahim" and the custom spokesman is an "ibrahim" as well...just a coincidence?


    What's going on here? Lets analyze that!

    Perhaps these are serious "toys" that needs to be looked into.

    I wonder why "Customs" is the only party giving away vague & sporadic information on these issues (cases). Aren't we supposed to hear from Police?

    And it's nothing difficult to identify this "prominent businessman" by the name of "Ibrahim". I believe "Trade Ministry" can identify the owners of the shop and the Company.

    This reporting is more like a "mystery" in a Scooby-Doo episode.

    Here's something more mysterious:
    When the "Toy Guns & Swords" ,"Stun Gun & Face Masks" cases => pointed to the "Terror Threat" letter received by Mahlouf => & when It's pointed to [ DhiTv reporting: him leaking a (bogus audio clip* during July'10 🙂 of a "said to be" phone conversation with MNBC Halyl with him: It's a "perfect mystery".

    *I wonder if anyone is investigating that peace of reporting of DhiTv and Mahlouf's claims [After all didn't Mahlouf violated "privacy of a person" as cried out by some parties]

    I believe these are just "scare tactics" for "face saving attempts" (by deviating interest & attention of the masses & authorities) from "humiliations" after those "embarrassing phone conversations" leakage & the following incidents.

    Staged events (false flagged events) aren't anything new to the world and even in such a small country like Maldives we have had such incidences in history (old and recent).

    Allah Knows Best
    May Allah save our nation from the Masters of Deceptions. May Allah bless us all.

  3. Airsoft guns are not dangerous as long as follow safety guidelines! If you are smart and responsible, its hard to get hurt or in trouble!!



    Having said all what I have said at part 1: I believe there is some kind of a real threat (a conspiracy) going on behind these "rehearsals". The perpetrators maybe just rehearsing to identify the strengths and weakness of the defenses AND the "BIG" event maybe awaiting for a "Green Light Signal".

    May Allah help the Authorities to unveil the truths behind these conspiracies and safeguard this nation from all Evils.

    In Allah Almighty We Trust

  5. Dha..while you are a Mohamed you he is a Mohamed too

    The point is something really big is going down and it needs to be discussed in the media and the public made aware more so the public can even pass off information. Police should disclose the information now.

  6. everyone is an ibrahim, ahmed, mohamed etc.

    what a retarded comment, typical maldivian rumor mongering

  7. Well,..to me, this all looks like a carefully planned project gone bad. out of 100, 90% of customs staff are corrupted. Like I read the other day, If you are good in math, just calculate the posh life style of customs officers who barely make a monthly MRF 10 thou.

    If this case is mishandled by the police, then the society will brand police as useless as customs or the most corrupted govt agencies...cz here, I believe a lot can be found.

    What can the reason be that customs and police dont give out names? Why not? after-all, we need to know the toys our kids are buying to play..and I sure as hell dont want to buy those type of toys. WE WANT TO SEE NAMES.

  8. i am sure Minivan can obtain the information from the Trade Ministry as well. Under the information act, there is no way this information cannot be obtained. so WHY no one seems to put some effort in revealing the real names. when minivan reports Gasim, they are very particular to say it is BURUMA. But this time just an 'Ibrahim'. Rubbish...

  9. This sounds like Hadhi Hassan Rasgefaanu is going to reappear! So mysterious that names cannot be disclosed!

    @maxed's words about CUSTOMS is 100% right and noteworthy! Yes! they are a squeaky and stinking bunch, trained by very capable officials, and more over, hampered by the top notches who themselves get benefited!

    If these are publicity stunts or what ever, I am sorry, we do not deserve this. These cases should not go down the drain as other political stunts and should not be used as a wise to attain political gains!

  10. Toy guns, sling shots , ornamental swords and whatnot! Oh my God, these are as dangerous as nuclear arms! Did this shipment come from a country like North Korea? So much noise on something so trifle!

  11. Another point. Probably these dangerous arms are to be used for the invasion of this country as reported by DRP comedians.

  12. @Jake: "... Airsoft guns are illegal in Malaysia, Singapore, Korea, and Thailand. ... Chicago, New York City, D.C. and San Francisco have actually banned airsoft guns completely. ..."

    Read more at this link: http://www.smoautopilot.com/entertainment/airsoft-gun-regulations/

  13. Mr.Ibramih abdulla, gadage.Baa.kendhoo is the real guy who ownes the shop piccasso'tha same guy who ownes the caashiboat and bigbaazaar souvenier shops. but i dont think he will do such kind of things, ....but his brothers and thithibey(headmaster) were ..........never no.

  14. Airsoft guns are safe. People just take advantage and use them for dumb reasons. Everyone should read this http://www.airsplat.com/airsoft-safety.htm

  15. Finally, we cannot find Ibrahim - the prominant businessman, and the shop will be closed. File closed. This is the level of our customs and Police today..They are all under 'prominat businessman'.

  16. This is completely ridiculous. There is no possible way to change an airsoft gun in to a real fire arm. It is a completely different set up than that of a regular firearm. These are manufactured overseas in countries where firearms are not allowed. They make these so that they can legally own their favorite gun styles, and why would they manufacture something that can be easily be changed to a real fire arm, and then get shut down? It just doesn't make any sense. Check this link out for some great information.


  17. Toy guns are fine as long as they have that orange tip on the front. I play airsoft and some of the guns i buy from airsplat.com are very realistic looking, but they all have the orange tip.


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