Two drunk Maldivians arrested in Colombo for harassment during Sri Lankan Airlines flight

Two Maldivians were arrested at Colombo Airport after they boarded a Sri Lankan Airlines flight drunk and violently harassed passengers and cabin crew during the flight, reports Sri Lanka’s ‘Daily Mirror’ newspaper.

Sri Lankan police told the paper that the two Maldivians were under the influence of liquor and were apprehended by the Katunayake police for behaving in an unruly manner.

“The two suspects acted violently, harassing the passengers and crew following the flight’s departure from Bangkok late last night,” the paper reported. “Soon after the landing at the Bandaranaike International Airport in Katunayake, the two suspects were taken into police custody and they were to be produced before the Magistrate shortly.”

Maldivian newspaper ‘Haveeru’ has also reported the same incident and identified the pair as Hanif Mushaf and Washeed Ibrahim.

Haveeru quoted a senior Sri Lankan police officer as saying that the two Maldivian nationals tried to manhandle the cabin crew and passengers.

The cabin crew reportedly warned the two Maldivians to calm down, the paper reported.

Maldives Police Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef told Minivan News that he had heard about the incident through the media but could not yet confirm the arrest.

First Secretary at the Maldivian Embassy in Srilanka Ahmed Mujthaba was not responding to calls at the time of going to press.

The Sri Lankan Airlines office in Male’ was closed for the public holiday.


22 thoughts on “Two drunk Maldivians arrested in Colombo for harassment during Sri Lankan Airlines flight”

  1. this is what happens when good muslims drink

  2. what good Muslims... if they are even Muslims.. they wudnt even dare to look or consume alcohol...........

    good for them.............. rot in jail for sometime...

  3. Not every one is a pro like our ousted president. Now he has a high tolerance...

  4. This is horrible news! The Jews have already infiltrated the minds of our youth, and this is what happens.

    Don't you see the entire idea behind this my dear Muslim Maldivian brothers and non-fornicating sisters?

    Jews -> Intoxicate our youth -> They end up doing horrible things -> Country gets a bad reputation -> Government hires Jewish PR company -> Jews get more and more money.

    It was Jews, and has always been the Jews. Fear Allah SWT, for he is your only saviour!

  5. This has to be written by Ahmed Nazeer, I thought.
    And .... ta daaaaaaaaaaaa!

  6. @Ahmed Shaheem. Now the VP and President drinks in Dheebaage of BAndos under the guard of MNDF. They seem a bit less pro and low tolerance!

  7. What a fate and this country speaks of Islam fundamentalism when people do such things traveling outside
    Really shame and show off

  8. look at the other side, do you know how rude and arrogant the cabin crew of Sri Lankan airline can be I am ashamed of there service and like to fly emirates at any point possible
    the service is next to nothing and the rude attitude is always a factor so passengers may get offended and these arrogant peopel have no clue in handling passengers they think they are always right there is always 2 sides to a coin and we should look at reasons as to why things happen

  9. such a shame!not because they are Maldivians or anything. But violence should always be condemned be it because the pricks were drunk or not. some Maldivians, Indians, Lankan dudes tend to go hard on Liquor to show off their manly (or rather cowardly side id say) side.
    i'd never understand people who wants to drink and fly or drink during a flight. or in general drinking at all.

  10. You don’t need to remind that a coin has two sides. Read that news article again. It says that these two persons had drunk and violently harassed the passengers and cabin crew during the flight. They have caused inconvenience to everyone. You seem to suggest that the fault is with the Sri Lankan crew and they need to be punished for that. Get your shallow head checked before you do this kind of comments. I have flown on Sri Lankan, Emirates and many other many a times but I prefer Sri Lankan. Your name suggests Sri Lankan but you don’t know correctly type the name. So you must be some other fraudulently trying to bring disgrace to an airline well-known for hospitality.

  11. @aa
    i understand! so is smoking, drugs etc. In an unjust world, with so much daily stress and living a slaved life, i can feel for those who need to take on alcohol or other substances. i really do. it could be me as well.
    BUT that's not what im talking about. Im talking about responsible drinking if you really must drink. there are two groups i guess. those who are reckless sober tends to be reckless drunk as well. those who are mindfull and takes others feelings and wellbeing in to consideration sober is infact better and more responsible drinkers..

  12. What's the big fuss? Now who's trying to kid who by pretending to be shocked?

    A large percentage Maldives of different age groups (both men & women) enjoy social drinking. Most are responsible and know how to control themselves.

    If you visit any 5 star hotel or famous night spot in Colombo, you will find Maldivians in large numbers enjoying a few drinks and dancing. Socializing with others and having a good time.

    With little or no entertainment for locals in the Maldives it is common for many Maldivians especially the younger generation to go for weekends or other breaks to neighboring countries like Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Malaysia & Singapore to unwind and relax.

    This is not even an open secret. It is common knowledge and a way of life for a large number of Maldivians. It is a bit like the Middle East where drinking is strictly banned in most countries except places like Dubai. So all the Arabs flock to Dubai to party and have a good time.

    I see nothing wrong with this. There are worse "sins" being committed within our society on a day to day basis. And no one seems to be shocked about that. Nor do are they condemned on religious grounds.

    Now as for these two particular individuals, they had a few drinks too many and lost control of themselves. The sri Lankan Law will deal with their misbehavior. That's it!

  13. Anybody who drinks is no longer a Muslim and should be excommunicated from Islam.

  14. @Ilyas no matter how hard you are trying to prove that drinking is good, something which isn't good will not become good even if the whole population is doing it.

  15. @Gaand e rasool

    Nobody can be "excommunicated from Islam", you blithering idiot.

    They can however, be garrotted.

    For drinking, though, lashing should suffice.


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