Police arrest suspected prostitutes inside Shaaha Alternative Medical Centre

Police last night raided Shaaha Alternative Medical Centre in Maafannu around 11:00pm, and arrested three Thai women for suspected prostitution.

Three Maldivian men and a Sri Lankan man, also inside Shaaha Alternative Medical Centre, were arrested along with the three Thai women.

Police Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef told Minivan News that police raided the business after receiving an intelligence report that sexual activities were being conducted there.

‘’After police raided it they saw it was a place  used for sexual activities,’’ Haneef said, adding that police have now closed down the business.

He said that materials used to conduct such activities were discovered inside Shaaha Alternative Medical Centre.

“[Those arrested] have not been summoned to court yet, but they will be as soon we finish taking their statements,’’ he added.

In April police arrested two Thai women and two local men on prostitution charges after raiding a Male’-based business called ‘Maldivian Care’.

In March Police arrested five Thai nationals and three male Maldivians inside ‘Herbal Beauty Salon’, located on the second floor of Maafannu Sherrif.

Local media reported that this was the ninth business closed by police on charges of prostitution since President Dr Waheed Hassan Manik came to power.


4 thoughts on “Police arrest suspected prostitutes inside Shaaha Alternative Medical Centre”

  1. Why would they want to stop this?

    There are some maldivians (just like the salivating Arabians bulls of 7th century) who wishes to see and enjoy heaven on earth.

    Let them.

    Unless its jealousy from some who are gone way past age...

  2. Congrats to the efficient police force. Its a Maldivian record in reducing proximity where sex and sex trade rule.

    How about the murder of the 16yr old? or the latest stubbing less than few hours ago?

    The assassins, the culprits will never be found. What an irony!.

  3. Prostitution can be defined in many ways. In 'red light' streets of metropolitan cities like Bangkok, Netherlands, Dubai..it is a straight business where sex is sold for economical benefit,in simple words for MONEY, straight sex or gay sex.

    Well, if the men were caught fitted with condoms or both victims nude in submissive acts, I salute the authorities for such an arrest and closure of this ha-ram business.

    However,I would like to highlight the growing and expanding sex business that involves no foreigners, and no money exchange. CNN calls it 'modern women slavery'... where women are forced into sex,to survive in a mans world of extreme lust, yet limited resources.

    One out of ten girls (wearing or not wearing a buruga) working in a shop in Male earning just Rf.3000, is a sex slave. If we categorize humans, we would consider them like 'Harijans' of Bihar India (the lowest caste of people) where they are born to serve the master.

    Take a walk on Majeedi magu or late night cafes and you would see a sea of women, teens so well groomed, wearing the latest designs, Iphones or Samsung glued on the sides, designer bags, and $100 burugas we only see in Dubai or Malaysian shopping malls.

    How can a young 18-20yrs old girl from another island, living in shanty sharing accommodation, no school certificate or any computer background...live in a style similar to the white color job of a few in the banks or international company offices? Every month she would have something new, visit the saloon and have a permanent spot in Seahouse or such 'macho' places?

    Lets not turn a blind eye to the biggest prostitution in Male and Addu where women and girls are paid in kind to offer leisure as required. Whether it is a phone card, a perfume bottle, a trip to Bangkok, or just cash to pay rent...its all PROSTITUTION because sex is the key objective. Who looses actually?

    The Thai, Indonesian or Philipino girls that are being arrested are mothers back home, or maybe supporting many. This 'side' business is survival and not fun. The root cause of the problem starts within our own midst/society in many ways.

    **Erotic hindi movies and dance videos
    **Open internet anywhere you go(easy access to pornography)
    **'Revealing Dressing' that is beyond decency, especially by girls wearing burugas
    **Our own media on extreme love and romance through drama, movies and dance sessions

    .....and many more reasons that trigger men into deeds that they never planned to have.

    If we had moral values and discipline in our society, we would not jeopardize our international relations with countries that aid us by deporting their citizens because they satisfy desperate men! We are just advertising Maldives in the worst cheapest manner.

    by the way there are over 30,000 male foreigners in Male who never go home for a minimum 6-12 months. Ever wondered if they also need to have SEX???

    It would be easier and safer for all if we have a welcome board at the airport that states:



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