Two expats arrested on Innamaadhoo for showing pornography to nine year olds

Two expatriates working on the island of Innamaadhoo in Raa Atoll have been arrested on charges of sexually abusing two young girls.

Deptuty Chair of the Island Council Abdulla Shafeeq told Minivan News today that both expatriates were Bangladeshi nationals and that they have been living on the island for almost a year.

“The two expats showed pornographic materials to the girls – the girls would be only nine years of age,” Shafeeq said. “One man is 24 and the other is 30 years-old.”

Shafeeq said the abuse had been going on for some time, and the first incident occurred about a month ago.

“But yesterday at school, the girls told their classmate about this and then the parents found out,” he said.

Shafeeq said the two men were then summoned to the Council Office.

“Four islanders went to their place to get them and they refused and attacked the four,” Shafeeq said, adding that later a confrontation between the islanders and the two men also occurred while they were inside the council office.

He said that the two men were later taken away by police.

“The police arrested them and we received no further information,” Shafeeq said.

He said that the two expats have been working on the island in the construction industry.

Local media cited an islander as stating that the two girls were threatened using a knife, however Shafeeq could not confirm the allegations.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said police are currently investigating the case.


3 thoughts on “Two expats arrested on Innamaadhoo for showing pornography to nine year olds”

  1. Tsk comments at all?

    Now if only those two expats were MPs and those two girls were a little older so the readers could fantasize about the whole situation.

  2. And what if the perpetrators had any Islamic connections - a Qari, an Islam teacher, an Adhaalath Party member? Definitely the article would have attracted some spicy anti-Islam comments!
    Bye the way, Minivannews was quick - and rightly so - to report Qari Thowfeeq's child molestation case. However, they completely ignored a far worse child molestation case, that of Hussein Fazeel who is currently serving time for his crimes. His case would arguably be the worst case of pedophelia in Maldivian history in which many children not only were routinely drugged and molested by Fazeel but the children were also made to perform sexual acts among themeselve. All these were taped and these tapes, according to the police, were very likely sold over the internet. He recently admitted to new charges related to pornography and requested he be punished for his crimes. This was reported in the local media including in Haveeru on 11/10/2011. It seems Minivannews did not see the item as news worthy.

  3. Now this act done by any person, national or expat, deserves condemnation and accused should be punished. We Muslims should be liberal when a non-Muslim makes unintentional mistake. There is concerted effort by Mullahs to make us more rigid and orthodox.


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