Two expatriates arrested in connection to murder of Bangladesh national

Police have arrested two Bangladeshi nationals in connection with the murder of a fellow expatriate whose body found was found in a building on Chandhanee Magu in Male’ last month.

During a press conference held today, Chief Inspector of Police Mohamed Dhaudh told local media that a Bangladeshi national identified as Moneerul Islam was believed to have been killed by 23-year-old Kamarul Islam, a close personal friend of the deceased who was said to have confessed to the murder.

A 34 year-old relation of the deceased, identified only as Abdulla, has also been arrested in connection to the murder.

Speaking to local media about the investigation, Chief Inspector Dhaudh said that the dead body of Moneerul Islam was discovered last month in the capital with stab wounds to the neck, chest and face.

Authorities told reporters that Moneerul Islam was last seen alive in the company of Kamarul Islam.

According to local media, a police investigation team was also reported to have obtained CCTV footage of the area where the body was discovered that appeared to show Kamarul Islam walking away from the crime scene following the murder.

Dhaudh said that Kamarul has now confessed to the murder and has told police the reason why he had killed Moneerul Islam after allegedly being asked to commit the crime by Abdulla.  Kamarul was arrested arrested while at his previous workplace at Dhangethi in Alifu Dhaalu Atoll, police added.

Police have said that Kamarul had confessed to having thrown the weapon he used to kill Moneerul Islam, as well as the clothes he was wearing at the time, into the sea near the T-Jetty area of Male.

Police said that a diving squad has since retrieved the weapon and the clothes.

Local media reported that police had confirmed during their investigations that there were a number of family and money issues between Muneerul Islam and Abdulla, who have been living in the Maldives since 2006.