Two hospitalised in Male’ residential fire

Two people were hospitalised as a blaze destroyed the G. Saalimeege residential building in the centre of Male’ this morning .

Police confirmed that no fatalities had been recorded.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam told Minivan News that the fire, which was believed to have started around 9:30am this morning, was now under control and an investigations had been launched to determine its probable cause.

A number of roads surrounding the blaze were closed off by police and members of the Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF). Minivan News observed that thick clouds of smoke emanating from the fire were still visible around the nearby Majlis building late in the morning.

Shiyam claimed that although all residents were believed to have been successfully evacuated from the building, it was unlikely they would be able to return as the wooden structure was completely destroyed.

He added that residents of the neighbouring building, G. Suthulige, were also evacuated as the fire spread causing further damage to additional properties.

Nearby furniture store Allora was also said to have been impacted by smoke from the blaze, though police said they were not aware of any damage to property at the site.

“Everybody was evacuated from the buildings although two people were hospitalised due to inhaling smoke from the fire,” Shiyam added.  “We are not aware of any fatalities resulting from the fire.”

Local newspaper Haveeru reported that MNDF firefighters had initially run out of water tackling the blaze.  However, the MNDF turned instead to a more plentiful supply in the form of the sea, opting to pipe water directly from the harbour opposite the President’s office on Boduthakurufaanu Magu.


5 thoughts on “Two hospitalised in Male’ residential fire”

  1. It's time we had better fire safety regulations. Building codes are practically nonexistent these days and standards don't take in to accept safety.

  2. Minivan News - First for Independent News, Last to report the News...

  3. If the police had run of water it is high time they learn from lessons and be better prepared.

    Even in Orchid case, MNDF shud have supplied water directly from the sea/marine drive is just opposite the house.

    People were saved this time due to locals neighbours. Where were the locals at the time of fire in Orchid kulhibalan as by standers ??


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