Two men arrested for secretly filming a couple having sex

Police have arrested two islanders from Utheemu in Haa Alifu Atoll, after they allegedly filmed a husband and wife while they were inside their room having sex.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed that the arrests was made.

“The two of them were arrested following a report received by police that they had secretly filmed and watched a husband and wife while they were inside their room having sex,” Shiyam said, adding that he could not reveal further information as the investigation was ongoing.

Councilor of Utheemu Asrar Adam told Minivan News that the men were “caught red-handed” at midnight on Monday.

“A person living in the house came out to have a cigarette and saw the two of them trying to watch the husband and wife,” Asrar said. “The next day police arrived on our island and arrested them.”

Asrar identified the men arrested as Mohamed Hassan, 26. and Ali Munaz, 21.

“Islanders of Utheemu have been suspicious that these men have been watching the toilets of houses in the island and have been secretly filming while girls are inside,” he said.

Asrar said police have not officially shared any information with the council regarding the incident, and the council was only aware of other allegations made by islanders.

“No one has officially reported it to the council,” he noted.

He added that one of the suspects, Mohamed Hassan, 26, was the vice president of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s Utheeemu Wing.

Asrar said that the detention period of the arrested pair had been extended by the court, according to information he had received.


19 thoughts on “Two men arrested for secretly filming a couple having sex”

  1. Another mind blowing act from the sex frustrated Maldivian nation. Great!
    What is it with this country? The society is full of paedophiles, adulterers, criminals, drug addicts, etc etc. Name anything disgusting and its here in this country. Whats a shame to see this day in Maldives. I wonder what is the solution for all these problems in our society? Should we start choppin of the willies of men and tits of women?

  2. This is news? The President of your party has been bought on the slave market and you insult the Maldivian people and attempt to hoodwink the international community with a headline on a village daily?

    Let me do you a favor then.


    MNN - Dr. Didi has been called shameless by some and cheap by others. Having based his whole campaign on the concept that those who serve actively in government would not have the time to head the party, Dr. Didi has shown his supporters that his campaign strategy amounts to statements made out of jealousy for the big boys.

    Now that he has a cabinet portfolio he would like to thank all the idiots who voted for him and promise them that Acting Chairman Moosa Manik will either have their hides or their obeisance, whichever comes easier.

  3. One more thing.. one of the suspect is the vice president of MDP branch of that island. Cool. We have seen previously one MDP MP been charged with child milestation, now its one of them from the islands this time. MDP really need to hire people with some moral character for their party instead of people like these 🙂

  4. why can this couple allow others to see their stuff. They should have curtained the windows & turn off the light before doing these things. You are the only person that could save your honor.

  5. @Mohamed Luthfy: how did you assume there were no curtains? And why should they turn off the lights?

    They were husband and wife, having sex in the privacy of their room. with or without lights is their choice!

  6. @ziyan- chopping off disagreed while ur other comments are agreed. Cutting and killings nt da all starts at home o school. there ARE pple to blame for our generation's failure. mostly parents who thort having 8 children (possibly more) would give them more wealth., while the children are un-observed, un-supervised thru out their growing ages and fall into such habbits.

    @tsk tsk, m not very political or party lingo person, from what i read in your comment; you are angry that didi has agreed dat one person cannot hold a post and be a party leader at the same time? do remember the all in one maumoon? i agree that govt leaders cant sit at head party seats..reason is for well being of human race.

    @ Derek- Shut country...wanna tell me where you are from so that I can tell something i know bout yours? if ur maldivian, den not all pple are jews and nt all r muslims. religion is not a choice in maldives. Another SPOT-ON democratic Maldives.

    @Luthfy....heard about privacy? I guess not much need for homes...have sex with a bedsheet on you is what ur saying? I donno why the MDP leader has to watch sum1 having sex...isit dat good? i mean is it better dan having it urself?pervert is what we call them

  7. Allah fearing dhivehin, what is this fuss about? It is nothing at all. It is our culture; so what. We do the same with our sisters and daughters. LOL

  8. 'The Porky's Film' pervert appreciation society continues strong I see!!! Boy this country is so messed up!! LMFAO

  9. You must know there are sick people around you. So better be ready than sorry. By not taking caution who's video is in public domain. Thinking everyone will allow your privacy could be a grave mistake...well unless if you don't care your nude video circulating around...

  10. Definitely I have seen a video of Transport minister and after doing all that stuff he and she eat a lousy tasteless omelet.
    I can’t understand why “MINIVAN” can’t write and report about this!

  11. 100% Muslim. And proud of it.

    And we want the nation to go heaven. we would not allow Jews, dogs, alcohol, dolls, idols... all just so that we can take the palm trees and yellow fin tuna to heaven.

    Still going strong with our determination.

    At max speed.

  12. Ahmed Nazeer can you please tell me how you choose news articles for Minivan News? I reaslise that some imoprtant news are not covered by Minivan news while idiotic articles continue to find their way to this website. I also realise that it is Ahmed Nazeer who writes most of such articles.

  13. haha minivan news are u trying to say something by having a satellite image of the island? if we zoom in enough will we see something? LOL ... these guys need broadband internet and a box of kleenex, that should keep them busy and off the top of coconut tress spying on couples.

  14. Dr Didi is both a Liar and extremely unkind and rude to his old parents...

    Still you guys are expecting him to run a political party with high expectations from him...No, you are very WRONG! he is he....he came with empty hands to Male' and bought a house (selling his skills as a DENTIST with extremely high prices)in a very short period of time..Look! how he is nice to the needy people of his country.

  15. maldivians are sex perverts ? - doing things like those who never ever seen a girl naked


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