Two men arrested with 325 bottles of alcohol

Police have arrested two men found to be in possession of 325 bottles of alcohol in Male’ on Thursday afternoon.

According to the Maldives Police Service, the two men were arrested as part of a joint operation conducted by the Police Intelligence and Drug Enforcement Department (DED).

Police confirmed to local media that a Bangladeshi and Maldivian national were arrested as part of the operation.

Police said the Maldivian suspected was 34 years-old, while the Bangladeshi man was 22 years-old.  No further details on the suspects were provided.

Meanwhile in Addu City, police have also announced the arrest of six men and a minor with MVR 53,000 (US$3430) and illegal narcotics.

The arrests, which were made on Tuesday (January 22), formed part of a wider on-going operation called ‘Our Peaceful Addu City’, which was commenced by police to try and reduce crimes rates in the area.

“The six men were arrested at about 10:50 pm on January 22 during a raid on Thamannaa House in Addu City,” police said in a statement, adding that the raid was made following intelligence reports.

When police searched the house, officers discovered nine bullet-sized packets containing illegal narcotics, another 13 small packets of illegal drugs and a 500ml bottle containing home-made alcohol.

According to police, a sum of money totalling MVR 53,538, a laptop and a projector all suspected to have been stolen were also discovered inside the building at the time.


6 thoughts on “Two men arrested with 325 bottles of alcohol”

  1. Why dont you let them drink to stupor.

    Allah will punish them. No need to get our hands dirty on this!

  2. It is so easy to know the truth.
    1) No safari boat can have such quantity on board at anytime so its not them
    2) What is the brand of liquor as you will know from hhich bonded warehouse these bottles came from, or
    3) Which resort has ever bought this product in high quantity at once

    If police doesnt give these details, they are covering up and protecting the dealers.

    Bangladeshi is just a laborer who didnt even know what was in the boxes. The Maldivian is a pusher helping the major dealers who have high connections.


  3. Here is the what is going to happen -
    a) Maldivian will go scot free after bribing.
    b) Bangladeshi would be made scapegoat.
    c) Islamist will hijack forum claiming how "Western-culture" is destroying the country.
    d) There would be at least one moron blaming the some old government and/or Israel/India/USA.

  4. Good points @ Facts.
    The police should investigate further and know exactly where these bottles are from and who are the real big heads.Only then will Maldives be free of black market dealers in these banned products.
    We will never stop people from drinking (Maldivians go to Sri Lanka to party) but at least people should respect our laws.

  5. @virendha, youre really obsessed with maldives here, Doesnt your country have enough embarrassing problems of its own with women and girls randomly being sexually assaulted in public transport with multiple witnesses?

  6. 350 bottles of alcohol in Male City which has STRICT prohibition on booze is indicative of HYPOCRACY!


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