Three arrested following seizure of over 100 bottles of alcohol

The Maldives Police Service has arrested three people on suspicion of smuggling over 100 bottles of alcohol into Male’ on a local boat (dhoni), local media has reported.

The arrests were made after the police Drug Enforcement Department seized the alcohol shipment – mostly thought to consist of bottles of whisky – from a dhoni that  arrived in the capital yesterday (May 17).

According to Sun Online, the dhoni was suspected of being used to transport the alcohol from a safari boat that was later raided by police.

Two Maldivian nationals aged 42 and 23 were reportedly arrested during the raid. A 22 year-old foreigner was also taken into custody in connection to the seized alcohol.

Investigations are presently continuing, Sun Online has reported.


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  1. Let me guess, Holy Allah's laws say you can't have anything to do with alcohol and so these chaps were arrested. But Holy Allah says Gasim and the rest of the resortowners have been given a divine exemption. Yes, makes perfect sense that Holy Allah always differentiates between rich and poor. LOL.


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