US provides US$20,000 to restore vandalised artifacts in national museum

The United States has provided a financial assistance of US$ 20,000 (MVR 308,400) to the National Museum to help restore and repair artifacts placed in the museum.

The assistance was provided from the Ambassador’s fund and was handed over to the government of the Maldives by the newly appointed Ambassador to Maldives and Sri Lanka Michele Sison.

Speaking during the ceremony, Sison stated that the financial assistance represented the importance that the United States gave to the museum.

The national museum was not only important to tourists, students and visitors who frequently visit the museum.

“This museum is also very important to researchers and scholars therefore it is very important the relics be preserved,” she added.

Deputy Director General of the Heritage Department Ali Waheed told local media that when the museum first opened in July last year, it was not in the best conditions and therefore some amount of the funding would be spent on upgrading the facilities.

He also said the museum is talking with the US to send some of its staff abroad for training. The restoration of the damaged artifacts was also a priority.

Waheed said that on February 7 a group attacked and vandalised the artifacts in the pre-Islamic section, and the hall which was used to display the artifacts had to be closed for repairs.

Speaking to Minivan News, Assistant Curator of the Museum Ahmed Ashraf told Minivan News that they had not yet confirmed “how the funds will be spent, but most likely it will be used to repair some damaged artifacts, bring in technical expertise as well as train the staff working here in the museum.”

“We sent the proposal to get funds before February 7. However following the damage incurred to the artifacts during the mob attack on February 7, they took a report from us about the damages. The funding includes the repairing of the damaged artifacts on February 7 and other artifacts as well,” Ashraf said.

He added that there was a “lot of damage done to the artifacts” on February 7 and “unfortunately some of the artifacts were totally destroyed and cannot be recovered.”

”Most of the artifacts were made from limestone and it is not as easy as fixing something made of wood. So a lot of work needs to be done,” he said.

The Buddhist statues were destroyed by mob in an act of vandalism a museum official described at the time as causing “unimaginable damage” to Maldivian heritage.

A group of five to six men stormed into the building twice, “deliberately targeted the Buddhist relics and ruins of monasteries exhibited in the pre- Islamic collection, destroying most items beyond repair.”

“This is not like a glass we use at home that can be replaced by buying a new one from a shop. These are originals from our ancestors’ time. These cannot be replaced ever again,” the official exclaimed.

According to a source, a coral stone Buddha head, an 11th century piece recovered from Thoddoo in Alifu Atoll, was smashed up by the attackers. It was one of the most significant pieces at the museum.

In May the Maldives Police Service (MPS) forwarded a case to the Prosecutor General against four persons suspected of destroying the historical artifacts.

Police Sub-Inspector Hassan Haneef told Minivan News at the time that no information could be revealed regarding the identity of the four suspects. A number were detained at the scene following the incident, however no formal arrests were made.


13 thoughts on “US provides US$20,000 to restore vandalised artifacts in national museum”

  1. Lol Adalath sheiks and USA haraam money to repair haraam idols.

    Where is the bribe taking sheik Ilyas.

  2. Well! Well! Well!

    In the name of ISLAM, traitor destroyed these historical artifacts and 7 months passed, but nothing happened!
    Now the traitor government is getting 20 grands for "would be spent on upgrading the facilities", which probably could mean to the interior decoration and perhaps restoration of some of these artifacts!
    In any case this does not seem would be on the museum, it would perhaps go into unforeseen expenses and end up just like the 'ALGEEN' wrap up!

    The fact of the matter is that 11th century historical treasure of value and national interest was been destroyed by 6 partner vandals in the coup of 7th Feb. 2012 and nothing can or be done against these vandals!

    However, if anyone refers to any of these people (who participated in the coup, be it police, army, or a sheikh) as "traitor", the individual is arrested (beaten at times), prosecuted and given unjust punishment!

    Money! Money! Money! = YES SIR!

  3. We cannot change or destroy our history and those who have destroyed these artifacts should be severely punished.

  4. You have already destroyed your preislamic heritage and therefore you are now a people with NO HISTORY, NO PAST AND NO HERITAGE. Well done Morons of Maldives. I now confer upon you the title 'Dumbest People on the Planet' because only the dumbest, mentally impaired people destroy their own heritage.
    Most islamic countries.....especially the sunni nations.....the 24 carat 'true believers' and God's Chosen People....have already destroyed their preislamic past in Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Yemen, Pakistan and Maldives.....all because the Koran does not teach tolerance or plurality.
    Why else would Maldives be a '100% sunni muslim nation' where no other faith is tolerated?
    Why else would Christian and Buddhist Maldivians be forced to live in India and Sri Lanka?
    Most muslim children are taught from an early age to hate and demonise non muslims (this website is full of references to kaffirs, cow worshippers, & infidels)and brainwashed into believing that islam is the best thing to happen to mankind since the beginning of time.
    The museum artefacts do not need to be is the mindset of you backward people that needs to change.
    India.....82% hindu and still fiercely secular. I shudder to think what sort of intolerable hellhole India would have been if the people were 82% sunni muslims!!
    We Indians have so much to teach you primitive islanders.

  5. @MissIndia (where ever you are).
    You not sound Indian anyway.
    An Indian would know to tolerate.
    They are tolerant.
    The true fact that the Maldives remain 100% sunni muslim is only known to the people of Maldives and the reason is because they choose it so.
    Very simple.
    And if you feel you got a lot to teach Maldivians, I would say you are terribly mistaken.
    Maldivians are a different breed, they have all nations in them.
    They are courageous, villainous (if and when they choose), thoughtful, tolerant (when they want to be).
    Just think without displaying your ignorance.
    The western nation are squeezing your juice and you don't know!
    After giving a couple of Miss India and Miss Universe titles to India, they have moved in all their cosmetic brands and many others into your market and are sipping with "long straws", while resting in their pools in the west!
    And India of course have had all this decades ago!
    You are dumb enough, not to know it!
    Now, who is the dumb and the dumber?
    If you cannot think, why not ask without being foolish to advertise your foolishness?
    However, I do agree with secularism. But we are a democracy and a people and you are sucking dumb not to understand that it is the majority that wins!!!!
    Be Indian, Buy Indian!
    You can buy ALL western cosmetics and sink in it, but you are never going to have a western thinking however awkward you try to be western!

  6. @ Bollywood burn
    Be sure your not watching India's movie or tv channel or using any product of India & hope you don't need the help of India if your government/people need assistance again. patriotism is different from religious. Destroying the history & heritage is like no respect to parents/old person.

  7. FACT.....Maldives has the population and economy of a small suburb of New Delhi
    FACT.....there are more dollar millionaires in India than there are people in the Maldives
    FACT.....India has just bailed out your government to the tune of £25 million, again
    FACT.....Only India is investing in your infrastructural projects. Where are your sunni brothers?
    FACT.....India allows you access to its Medical and Educational sectors as a goodwill gesture only. We don't need your money
    FACT.....Bollywood films, music and Indian made products are for Indians only. With a market of 1,200,000,000 do we care if you do not buy anything from us?
    There is no excuse for destroying one's cultural heritage, islamic or preislamic. In India we proudly preserve all our hindu, islamic, sikh, jewish and christian traditions. We even love our Ahmaddiya, Shia and Sufi brothers (the 'wrong' kind of muslims according to you morons)
    You should close all the museums that remain and get rid of all the unislamic and idolatrous artefacts.....and keep the retards of your Islamic Ministry happy.
    What a bunch of sad people you are.
    We Indians have so much to teach you primitive islanders.

  8. There is naught wrong with remaining primitive. To do so is to preserve the modesty and piety of the Salaaf, the virtue of our women and the original spirit of our D'een.

    Modernity only brings with it harlotry and irreligion.

    Begone with your new fangled ways and remain in your decadent lands that are infested by cow worshipper and Oogah Boogah statues of false Gods and dead men.

  9. @ Bollywood Burn
    (Maldivians are a different breed, they have all nations in them.
    They are courageous, villainous (if and when they choose), thoughtful, tolerant (when they want to be).

    correction about what mention here. courageous?what about Ex-pres Nasheed?he don't have the courage to die for his people & country.villainous? you're right villainous is your character.thoughtful?thoughtful in dragging down the one who's doing good.

  10. Ah! the critisism aroused! I am glad!
    Indian will remain Indian and it can remain so!
    So does a Maldivian and his Maldives can remain so!
    It is not necessary to critisize in the destroying way or sarcastic way!
    The fact is for everyone to honour justice and peace!
    Here we are talking about the preservation of age old artifacts that cannot be valued!
    Here injustice has been done!
    I personally do not mind secularism. I can live and die with anyone of any religion because my religion is personal belief and I do not have to hurt others with it.
    An Indian will always be an Indian! No matter what!
    Maldivians as a people are unfathomable!
    Many do not know it! And I hold my reservation to prove this FACT!
    It can be smallest of nations, with the the many FACTS!, as mentioned!

    Being awarded Miss India and squeezed OUT is however a FACT!

  11. @wrongfully accused.
    You got it part right mate!
    We are a nation susceptible to many things!
    And our actions, I must believe, at times come even a little too late!
    There is also inclination to drag down many things under different circumstances in fact!
    But the villainous part come out only when motivated and tickled!
    In fact, it is not a part of our daily life like in many movies where a villain has to exist!
    In a country there will certainly villains.
    But the primitive people (let us agree the Maldivians are are) are never of the villainous type unless as said before!
    Also villainous does not necessarily mean the rogue, bad character or what ever of that sort!
    It could also mean deep, unfathomable, profound, philosophical etc etc!
    Is it not?

  12. @Dhivehi Hanguraama did allah /the prophet command you to destroy items /murder/vandalize for islam ? better keep your religious belief in private to yourself ,rather than run amok on the call of some cleric


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