President appoints ambassadors to India and UAE

President Abdulla Yameen has presented letters of appointment to Ahmed Mohamed and Abdulla Hameed as the high commissioner of Maldives to India and the non-resident ambassador of Maldives to the United Arab Emirates, respectively.

Parliament approved Ahmed Mohamed for the post in October with a majority of 58 votes. He had previously served as the commissioner general of customs under President Yameen’s government and as minister of economic development under President Dr Mohamed Waheed.

Hameed was appointed ambassador-at-large at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs by President Yameen on January 8 last year.


President appoints three new ambasadors

President Abdulla Yameen has today appointed ambassadors to the European Union, Belgium, China, and Kuwait.

Upon his return from Singapore this morning, Yameen presented a letter of appointment to Ahmed Shiaan – formerly acting high commissioner to the United Kingdom – who will become ambassador to Belgium and the ‎European ‎‎Union.

Additionally, ‎Mohamed Faisal was appointed as ambassador ‎to ‎China, and Abdulla Hameed as non-resident ambassador to Kuwait.

The president also ratified the Bill to Repeal Act on the Detention and Imprisonment of Persons for More than Seven Days, and the Bill on Amendment to the Child Protection Act.


Parliament endorses nominees for four diplomatic posts

The People’s Majlis approved four nominees of President Abdulla Yameen to top diplomatic posts at yesterday’s sitting following evaluation by the national security committee.

All four nominees were endorsed with unanimous consent of all MPs in attendance.

Dr Mohamed Asim, of Galolhu Vaijeheyge, was approved as non-resident high commissioner to the People’s Republic of Bangladesh while Ahmed Shian, of Galolhu Samantha, was appointed ambassador of Maldives to Belgium and the European Union, and non-resident high commissioner to the United Kingdom.

Fathmath Inaya, of Manchangoalhi Resting House, was approved as non-resident high commissioner of Maldives to Singapore and Abdulla Hameed, of Maafanu Crescent Wood, was approved as the non-resident ambassador of Maldives to United Arab Emirates and the State of Kuwait.


President’s nominees forwarded to committee for vetting

A number of nominees by President Abdulla Yameen for independent institutions and diplomatic posts have been forwarded to the relevant standing committee for vetting at today’s sitting of parliament.

The nominees include President Yameen’s nephew Maumoon Hameed for the vacant post of prosecutor general, ‘Kurolhi’ Adam Zahir for a vacant seat on the Police Integrity Commission, and former MP Abdul Azeez Jamal Abubakur for the new post of Information Commissioner.

The nominees will be interviewed and vetted by the independent institutions committee.

President Yameen also nominated Aishath Zahira for deputy governor of the Maldives Monetary Authority.

Among nominees for diplomatic posts were Ahmed Shian as ambassador to the EU and non-resident high commissioner to the UK, Dr Mohamed Asim as the non-resident high commissioner to Bangladesh, Abdulla Hameed as the non-resident ambassador to the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait, and Fathmath Inaya as the non-resident ambassador to Singapore.

The nominees to the diplomatic posts will be vetted by the national security committee.


Parliament approves ambassadors to China, India, Australia and Philippines

Parliament approved ambassadors to India and China as well as a non-resident ambassador to Australia and the Philippines at today’s sitting of the People’s Majlis, following evaluation of the nominees by the National Security committee.

Mohamed Naseer, of M. Funfini, Male’, was approved as ambassador to India with 50 votes in favour, two against and one abstention while Mohamed Rasheed, of H. Carnationvilla, Male’, was approved as ambassador to China with 49 votes in favour and one against.

Current ambassador to Sri Lanka, Hussain Shihab, of M. Kali, Male’, was approved as the non-resident ambassador to Australia and the Philippines with 49 votes in favour and three against while current ambassador to the United States, Hassan Sareer, M. West Side, Male’, was approved as the permanent representative to the UN with 52 votes in favour and two against.

Both ambassadors will continue to serve in their previous capacities in addition to the new roles.

At today’s sitting, MPs also voted unanimously to accept an amendment to the Public Finance Act proposed by Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP) MP Rozaina Adam stipulating that the state budget must be submitted to parliament two months ahead of the end of the financial year.

Following the vote to accept the legislation after preliminary debates, the amendment bill was sent to the Economic Affairs Committee for further review.


Government nominates, shuffles ambassadors

The President’s Defence Advisor, Amin Faisal, has been nominated for the post of Maldives Ambassador to India, Haveeru reports. Faisal was nominated to replace current Ambassador to India Abdul Aziz Yousuf.

Bangladeshi Ambassador Ahmed Sareer was also nominated as the Maldives’ Ambassador to the US, while the Ambassador to Singapore, Mohamed Haleel, was nominated for the Maldives’ ambassador post in Bangladesh.

Deputy Ambassador to Singapore Ibrahim ‘Mody’ Didi has been promoted to the ambassador post in Singapore. Ahmed Rasheed of Karankaage/Shaviyani atoll Maaugoodhoo was nominated as the Maldives Ambassador to United Arab Emirates (UAE).

A complete list of nominations was sent to the parliamentary National Security Committee today, Haveeru News reports.