DhiTV board members summoned to Parliament

DhiTV board members have been summoned by the Parliament General Committee to “clarify some information”.

Last week Editor and News Head of DhiTV Midhath Adam was heavily criticised at the Parliament’s Privileges Committee following accusations of defamation.

Midhath today (November 29) said that the directors’ board has since been asked to be present at parliament at 9:30am on Monday. According to Midhath, the board had not decided on a course of action over the matter.

Parliament has asked DhiTV to provide the names of two board members who will be present before next Sunday.

Midhath was previously summoned to the parliament on two separate occasions to clarify information regarding DhiTV content.

Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Chairperson and Hulhu-Henveiru MP Reeko Moosa Manik, accused DhiTV of defaming his business and family, whilst Jabir further accused DhiTV of broadcasting stories that were shaped to attack him personally.


Cameraman and journalist forced out of MDP rally, claims DhiTV

A journalist and cameraman from DhiTV attending an MDP rally last night were threatened and forced outside last night, the station claims.

Editor of DhiTV Midhath Adam said it was not the first time MDP supporters had threatened DhiTV’s journalists and cameramen.

”They sometimes used to say they would destroy our property,” he added.

Adam said “a well known MDP activist” ordered them to leave last night.

”Alhan Fahmy and some other senior members of the party were also there,” he said, noting that ”they did not seem to care about it.”

Adam said although the party “treats journalists this way”, the station would continue to attend MDP’s rallies.

”They used to attack our journalists verbally and threaten us but we would still go to cover their meetings.” he said.

MDP MP Alhan Fahmy said he was not present when the incident occurred.

”If I was there I would not had let it happen.” Alhan said. ”As soon as I knew about it I went to stop them from leaving but they were gone.”

Alhan agreed such actions brought the party a bad name.

”It is not MDP’s policy to stop the media doing its duty,” he said.

DRP Vice President Umar Naseer said he was “not surprised” by the incident as “they hate DhiTV.”

“DhiTV is the best political media in the country,” Naseer said.

He claimed MDP hated DhiTV mostly because it showed old footage of President Mohamed Nasheed and reminded people about the government’s unfulfilled pledges.