Cameraman and journalist forced out of MDP rally, claims DhiTV

A journalist and cameraman from DhiTV attending an MDP rally last night were threatened and forced outside last night, the station claims.

Editor of DhiTV Midhath Adam said it was not the first time MDP supporters had threatened DhiTV’s journalists and cameramen.

”They sometimes used to say they would destroy our property,” he added.

Adam said “a well known MDP activist” ordered them to leave last night.

”Alhan Fahmy and some other senior members of the party were also there,” he said, noting that ”they did not seem to care about it.”

Adam said although the party “treats journalists this way”, the station would continue to attend MDP’s rallies.

”They used to attack our journalists verbally and threaten us but we would still go to cover their meetings.” he said.

MDP MP Alhan Fahmy said he was not present when the incident occurred.

”If I was there I would not had let it happen.” Alhan said. ”As soon as I knew about it I went to stop them from leaving but they were gone.”

Alhan agreed such actions brought the party a bad name.

”It is not MDP’s policy to stop the media doing its duty,” he said.

DRP Vice President Umar Naseer said he was “not surprised” by the incident as “they hate DhiTV.”

“DhiTV is the best political media in the country,” Naseer said.

He claimed MDP hated DhiTV mostly because it showed old footage of President Mohamed Nasheed and reminded people about the government’s unfulfilled pledges.


14 thoughts on “Cameraman and journalist forced out of MDP rally, claims DhiTV”

  1. Dhi TV is terrible channel. worse than Fox News. they twist words, lie, one side only. not surprised some MDPers are mad with them. but still, should let them in and nor harass as makes mdp looks bad

  2. Umar Naseer thinks DhiTV is the best media in the country - this week, till they say even one word against him. And oh, there are so many words to choose from too.

    Anyways, it seems as though MDP's activists feel that DhiTV does not provide fair and balanced coverage of MDP activities and policies, and that there is a particularly bias slant against the government.

    This seems to be a view held by many people these days.

  3. Bias or no bias these are the same idiots that came to power while claiming their was no media freedom. How soon does the opinion change when the shoes is on the other foot.

  4. The expulsion was truly a black eye for MDP.

    But is there anyone debating the naked and blatant bias also known as DhiTV?

  5. Dhi TV and VTV are all part of these evil propaganda machine that spreads poison through society rather than contributing anything to our diverse media.They don't have the guts to call any one from the ruling party to their appearances,rather they bring all opposition God ,no one can tolerate that stuff.Someone better teach them the basics of telecasting............or ban them.This event is MDP's own so it knows which media to invite and which's not,simple as that.Find another pack of alcohol in someone's property to gain some audience and popularity.Good luck Dhi TV

  6. If they are so unbiased why don't DhiTV & DhiFM start bringing comments made by people like Umar Naseer during the Presidential Elections & Mavota Shareef during his MDP days. Then people will be similarly reminded of what they preached and what they doing now.
    Umar is one hollow idiot.

  7. dhitv has always been on the opposite side. Remember when MAG was in power they had reported on many things and events. the problem now is MAG administration saw DhiTv for a couple of months now this regime has to bear with them for FIVE years.

  8. dhitv will change stop spreading hatred and one sided news, once the great champaa's gets the guaranty that his business which are gained by unlawful means are secure even in this government.. that's all but our president is great honest leader he will not bow down to these crooks like champaa and others, thank god we have Preisdent nasheed as our leader

  9. dhitv try your best n cover this dictatorship...u guys a the best..
    Nepotism,corruption n lying is worse than the previous ousted regime...
    No improvement at all except all the hooligans,hypocrites,thieves,addicts got a white collar job which they never dreamt they wud ever get...

  10. If this Mdp Govt is clean and transparent and if they have got nothing to hide why bother about dhitv or dhifm..Are we to watch your prapaganda machine TVM always kekeke
    Its freedom of media/democracy which u guys used to say. you are a worse dictator in disguise..

  11. MDP hates DhiTv and DhiFm because they're not happy with the source of funds for these investments. every maldivian family was a victim of those evil business

  12. minivan news - please use editorial discretion in publishing comments. isn't it against some editorial ethic to publish filthy language? if your writers cannot understand dhivehi, please get a maldivian to do translations for you - after all this is supposed to be independent news 'for the maldives'.

  13. Yes when MDP does it its a problem why? How many times has Obama boycotted and kicked FOX news out of White House briefing? So please you cant critisize a democratically elected leader now can you? Also haven't you seen every time Obama travels to other states he has people dressed in his part colors and stage is decorated with their emblem the donkey.Same thing different day. Decide your way now MDP is doing the same thing maumoon did create a personality cult, divide on religious ground, corruption is OK if he is from the ruling clan.

  14. ow this is crap..a smear campaign organised by DhiTV propaganda arm of DRP..'a prominent mdp supporter' is like just another supporter and its his personal opinion and DhiTV doesn't have to make a mountain out of a molehill, talk about worthy news bites, they want to be a political player in the new landscape and this appetite is fed by the ousted dictatorship and their cronies..why did Minivan Radio didn't get a licence? why is that theres no independent TV station sympathetic to the democratic movement? well the whole reform the media shit allowing independent media was rigged..maumoons cronies capitalize on the new opportunities, and DhiTv is born,their is no award winning shows, no respected journalist, mediocre content and free airtime for DRP, MDP supporters feel the bias and see the bias and that why they hate it, coz DhiTv represents Maumoons interests and particularly Champa interests..time and time again DhiTV wants to get into the public spotlight by petty arguments such as this, i suggest they do a show on the harassment of journalist and repression of media during the 30 years, especially the troubles endured by Minivan News during the turbulent times of the constitutional reform process..


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