Police uncover new drug network, seize drugs worth Rf 500,000

The Maldives Police Service’s Drug Enforcement Department (DED) claim to have discovered a new drug network during a special operation conducted last night, and have seized suspected narcotics potentially worth Rf 500, 000 (US$38,910).

Head of DED, Superintendent Mohamed Jinah, said the drugs were discovered inside a rented apartment in Male’ and that four suspects had been arrested in connection with the case.

“This is a new drug network we have discovered. The packets we found contained about 427 grams of suspected narcotics,’’ said Jinah. “One of the persons’ fingerprints matches fingerprints on the packets.’’

Jinah said the imported packets did not appear to have been repacked, and police suspected it to be a type of heroin.

“The street value of the seized narcotics would be Rf 500,000,’’ he said.

He declined to reveal the location where the arrests were made, noting only that it was “a place leased for rent” and appealed to landlords to be more careful.

‘’There are more people to be arrested in connection with this case an we are currently looking for them,’’ he said.

He also noted that the four suspects already arrested did not have any police records.