Police uncover new drug network, seize drugs worth Rf 500,000

The Maldives Police Service’s Drug Enforcement Department (DED) claim to have discovered a new drug network during a special operation conducted last night, and have seized suspected narcotics potentially worth Rf 500, 000 (US$38,910).

Head of DED, Superintendent Mohamed Jinah, said the drugs were discovered inside a rented apartment in Male’ and that four suspects had been arrested in connection with the case.

“This is a new drug network we have discovered. The packets we found contained about 427 grams of suspected narcotics,’’ said Jinah. “One of the persons’ fingerprints matches fingerprints on the packets.’’

Jinah said the imported packets did not appear to have been repacked, and police suspected it to be a type of heroin.

“The street value of the seized narcotics would be Rf 500,000,’’ he said.

He declined to reveal the location where the arrests were made, noting only that it was “a place leased for rent” and appealed to landlords to be more careful.

‘’There are more people to be arrested in connection with this case an we are currently looking for them,’’ he said.

He also noted that the four suspects already arrested did not have any police records.


7 thoughts on “Police uncover new drug network, seize drugs worth Rf 500,000”

  1. Right, so one of them had their fingerprints on the packets. I can see that our esteemed Courts will rule that this is insufficient evidence to convict this individual.

    What about the rest? Well, they are even less likely to get the attention of the Courts.

    Another failed case for Mr Jinah and his DED. Might as well call it DEAD.

  2. 400 Grams of stuff that is probably not pure. 400 Grams of Brown Sugar?! They're claiming it was worth $40,000 USD?! That is $100 USD per gram!?!? This is complete crap.

    There is no way each gram is worth a hundred dollars. Is this a blatant lie to pretend that they have more than they actually do? To make this look like a bigger bust than it actually is?

    They suspect it to be a type of heroin, but they are not even sure! They have not even tested how pure the substance is, but then is going around creating a quote for the street value of the stuff. I promise a drug addict cares what percentage of the stuff is actually heroin, or what kind of heroin it is. You cannot assign value to it without havening done any tests whatsoever?!!

    There is so many things wrong with this press statement its just annoying!

  3. What the police seize in these large quantities is usually purer than the stuff we get from the streets which is usually laced with benzodiazepines, powdered detergents and even human bones; a potentially lethal cocktail; 'Brown Sugar' or 'Vaanuvaa'...

    In this way, 1 kilogram of the pure stuff usually becomes much much more...

    A packet of heroin (usually around 0.03 grams) or a fix.. has a street value of almost Mrf100.

  4. Can anyone file for incompetency of the judges?

    And claim liquidated damages for the results of their incompetence?

    If they are cannot b held responsible, might as well stop this DED activities.

  5. Well well .. what have we got here, another the drug bust but it seems this time police haven’t used the term “fulhaa dhaairaa ehgaa “ but it’s worth 400,000rf! Is it time to party or to reflect on the whole scenario of Drug trade in this tiny nation? Now it seems even the amateur drug traffickers are flying!
    The government should be more serious with the sophisticated drug trade which is run by organized crime syndicates in this country, in comparison this tiny nation will be number 1 drug consuming country in the world .. not The US ! “ I’ve seen it happen in USA with cocaine … “The American DEA must have felt great when they pegged off Escobar on that barrio roof but all it meant was there now had to be a new Escobar.” … Maldives police DED jina ( the conman, need to be speedy with 2 years only 3 drug dealers !! ) should understand that the drug trade comes number 1 in transnational organized crime, so it’s impossible for him to become a superman .. and alone he cannot do anything ..
    Fighting the drugs is ineffective when entire government starts depending on just one person who happens to be the HEAD of DED … Drugs are ubiquitous in this tiny country, Eventually this mess will settle into an Jina -eque controlled chaos …. Unfortunately, the government of Maldives has failed to come up with a working strategy to weaken the most powerful players in drug trade …… similar to Privatization programs.. and also other areas … why?
    Do we know what the percentage we are able to seize? No … police is clueless, they cannot even guess how much the drug is coming in !! I would say it’s only 5% .. not more than that .. I’ll explain why?
    US has its enforcement efforts at key transshipment points … I doubt if there’s any DED guys working in airports and ports in Maldives … , and in United states ..1) The Traffickers must outwit American soldiers …. , 2) Drug Enforcement Administration agents, 3) Border Patrol officers.. and also other well coordinated organizations including US coastguards etc … and guess what they are getting .. !? .” An estimated 30 percent of drugs en route to the United States are seized” so my question is are we to believe this joker DED head Jina and depart the subject on his hand … I thought the new government will transform the anti drug ystem .. for the sake of ruling parties fifth pledge .. thank you .. god bless our country

  6. “Suspect”

    That’s the problem with them. It’s as if they just look at it and say “I think it’s [insert drug name of choice here]".

    What next?.

  7. So! What Next? This will be forgotten, and the "suspected" will become "unsuspected"- Case "solved".


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