30 packets of drugs found on five men

Police have arrested five men in Thaa Vaamendoo after finding them in possession of 30 packets of suspected narcotics, along with cash.

The five men arrested were Abdulla Azeezz Moosa, 20, Ibrahim Rahaa 27, Hussain Alifhulhu, 22, Hassan Alifulhu, 24, and a minor who was under 18.

The Vaamendhoo police and drug enforcement department are investigating the case.


Policed arrest man in possession of drugs

Police have arrested a man in Alif Dhaal Mahibadhoo in relation to drugs charges.

The man, identified as Ali Nasru, was apprehended in possession of four packets of suspected narcotics.

Nasru had gone to pick up a package from a sea plane that landed at Vakarufathi Island Resort yesterday evening.

Police they had received a tip about Nasru and had gone to the pick up point.

When police tried to apprehend Nasru he allegedly threw the package into the sea. After recovering the package police discovered suspected narcotics inside.

The drug enforcement department and the Mahibadhoo police are currently investigating the case.


President Nasheed addresses drug issue at rally

President Mohamed Nasheed has said the the amount of drugs smuggled into the country “has decreased 100 per cent” over the last year.

President Nasheed made the comments while speaking at a rally for the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP).

Nasheed said that the fight on drugs was one of the five pledges made by the party, and highlighted the declining number of drug addicts on the street.

According to Miadhu, the President also said that the government would pay out Rf1.2 billion in subsidies “to improve peoples lives”.


72 packets of drugs found on man

A man in Noonu Atoll has been arrested in possession of a large amount of drugs.

Police reported that Mohamed Hassan, 19, from Noonu Maalhendhoo Farivaage, was arrested with 72 packets of suspected narcotics. Police also found Rf2110 and two bank trasfer slips.

Hassan was apprehended on December 27 in a special operation conducted by Noonu Atoll police, conducted to identify suspected narcotics distributors and users.

Police said Hassan also tested positive for narcotics after a drug test at Noonu Manadhoo police station.


Drugs found in air freighted vegetables

Customs authorities have seized narcotics packed into vegetable cases on a cargo flight from India on 6 December.

Two cases of vegetables had the drugs attached to the sides. One of the cases contained 1.04 kg of cannabis and the other contained 0.7 kg of heroine.

Police said they have arrested a man in connection with the crime, Ali Ashlah Rashaadh, who has previous drug convictions.