Two men arrested with 1kg of hash oil

Two Maldivian men were arrested with 1kg of hash oil last night.

The pair, aged 20 and 22, were taken into custody around 9:05pm in an operation conducted by the police intelligence and drug enforcement departments.

The arrests were made based on intelligence information suggesting that the pair were smuggling and selling drugs in Malé.

Police officers followed the 22-year-old on his motorbike and arrested him near the Imperial Clinic on Lonuziyairah Magu. The bags containing the drugs were found in his possession.

The 20-year-old suspect was arrested in connection with the case.


Two men taken into police custody for possession of drugs and alcohol

Police have said today (April 8) that two individuals have been taken into custody for possession of what is suspected of being illicit narcotics, along with alcohol from M. Aathari.

The two locals arrested were a 27 year old and an 18 year old male.

The operation involved the raid of M. Aathari where 3 packets of suspicious substances were found, along with 7 bottles of alcohol, 16 empty bottles, a large amount of money and implements used to partake in illicit narcotics.

The Drug Enforcement Department is investigating the matter further, stated Police.

Yesterday, police revealed that a large cache of alcohol had been seized from a house in Malé the previous day.

A total of 115 bottles and 48 cans of liquor were seized in the raid.


Groom arrested for being in possession of narcotics

A man who had travelled to Hoarafushi in Haa Alif atoll to get married was arrested during his visit to the atoll for being in possession of narcotics.

The man – who was under island arrest in Malé under the state’s drug rehabilitation program – had gone to the island with a special permit from court for the purposes of getting married.

Police revealed that the 27 year old man was arrested in a boat travellling from Hoarafushi to Nolhivaram in Haa Dhaal Atoll.

The man is currently in custody at the Kulhudhuffushi police station, with the island’s magistrate court having extended his detention by 15 days.


“No new significance” in Sri Lankan money laundering busts, say local police

Sri Lankan police are  investigating a large-scale money laundering case based in Colombo, that reportedly extends to the Maldives.

Local police representatives say no significant case has been filed with Maldivian authorities so far.

According to local media, money was being transferred from the Maldives to various illegal money transfer agents in neighboring Sri Lanka. The money is suspected to be used for such criminal activities as purchasing and distributing narcotics and other contraband.

Last week, Rs. 81.76 million (Rf11.4 million) was seized at Sri Lanka Customs, the largest amount of foreign currency to be detected at Bandaranaike International Airport (BIA). Haveeru reports that dollars from Australia, Canada and the US, as well as sterling pounds, Kuwaiti dinars, UAE Dirhams, Saudi Riyals, Swiss Francs and Euros were included in the stash.

Local police reported no case being lodged regarding the money laundering circuit in Colombo, and cautioned that the information that was given to local media regarding the transport of finances from the Maldives might not be reliable.

Officials did say that money laundering has been a problem in the Maldives. Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said that “the issue of money laundering in the Maldives is growing, and credit cards are being abused more.”

An official from the Fraud and Financial Branch said there have been suspicions of money laundering, but charges can not be pressed for that alone. “Individuals have been charged for drug possession, which might be related to money laundering, but we are currently unable to prosecute someone for money laundering alone. We plan to work on that in the future,” he said.

International Monetary Fund (IMF) reports state that money laundering became a bigger concern internationally post-9/11, when it became heavily linked to terrorism. Although many countries have since adopted IMF anti-money laundering (AML) policies, few have developed legislation to enforce these guidelines.

The latest IMF review of Sri Lanka, dated 2008, indicated that AML standards were adopted by signature but that legislation was not in place. A 2011 review of the IMF program found that international organizations were cooperative, but did not indicate that individual governments and banks had adopted AML procedures.

Sri Lankan police have conducted raids on unauthorized money transfer agencies in the past few weeks, reports Haveeru. Earlier this month the Colombo Fraud Bureau, an arm of the Sri Lankan police force, arrested several suspects and seized approximately Rs. 9 million (Rf1.25 million) in foreign currency, Haveeru reports.

Four key Maldivian narcotics peddlers who were busted by Maldivian authorities in June for their involvement in the smuggling of narcotics via Colombo to Male since 2005 had allegedly used a prominent money transfer agency in Colombo, reports Haveeru.


Police find drugs hidden in motorbike shock absorbers

Police have arrested a pair of men in possession of two packets of suspected narcotics.

Police received reports that people were transporting drugs on a boat travelling from Male’ to islands in Huvadhoo Atoll.

Police from Gaaf Alifu Vilingili conducted an operation and found the drugs while the vessel was moored in the Gaafu Alifu Nilhandhoo harbor.

Police found the drugs hidden in the shock absorbers of a motorbike on the boat.

The two men arrested are Ziraaru Saeed, 26, Gaafu Alifu Dhandhoo, Hefinaaz and Shamoodh Adam, 26, of Unimaage of the same island.

The drug enforcement department and Vilingili police are investigating the case


Two arrested for drug possession in Kaafu Himmafushi

Police have arrested two men in Kaafu Himmafushi carrying packets of suspected narcotics.

Ismail Ibrahim, 30, of Meadows, Kaafu Himmafushi was arrested at 4:00am this morning with five packets of suspected narcotics.

Ahmed Abdullah Gadhir, 28, of Alhivilaage, Gaafu Dhaalu Thinadhoo was arrested last night at 11:50pm. Gadhir was in possession of one packet of alleged drugs.

According to police, both men were arrested after police received information the men were using illegal drug use.


30 packets of drugs found on five men

Police have arrested five men in Thaa Vaamendoo after finding them in possession of 30 packets of suspected narcotics, along with cash.

The five men arrested were Abdulla Azeezz Moosa, 20, Ibrahim Rahaa 27, Hussain Alifhulhu, 22, Hassan Alifulhu, 24, and a minor who was under 18.

The Vaamendhoo police and drug enforcement department are investigating the case.


Policed arrest man in possession of drugs

Police have arrested a man in Alif Dhaal Mahibadhoo in relation to drugs charges.

The man, identified as Ali Nasru, was apprehended in possession of four packets of suspected narcotics.

Nasru had gone to pick up a package from a sea plane that landed at Vakarufathi Island Resort yesterday evening.

Police they had received a tip about Nasru and had gone to the pick up point.

When police tried to apprehend Nasru he allegedly threw the package into the sea. After recovering the package police discovered suspected narcotics inside.

The drug enforcement department and the Mahibadhoo police are currently investigating the case.


72 packets of drugs found on man

A man in Noonu Atoll has been arrested in possession of a large amount of drugs.

Police reported that Mohamed Hassan, 19, from Noonu Maalhendhoo Farivaage, was arrested with 72 packets of suspected narcotics. Police also found Rf2110 and two bank trasfer slips.

Hassan was apprehended on December 27 in a special operation conducted by Noonu Atoll police, conducted to identify suspected narcotics distributors and users.

Police said Hassan also tested positive for narcotics after a drug test at Noonu Manadhoo police station.