Police arrests father and son with stolen electronic equipment

Police have arrested a father and his son with a quantity of allegedly stolen electronics in Kulhudhufushi of Haa Dhaalu

Police identified the two man as Mohamed Hussein, 54, and Adham Mohamed, 18, of Javahirumaage in Kulhudhufushi.

Police Sergeant Abdul Muhusin said the two men were arrested yesterday at 6:15pm.

Muhusin said police had discovered 34 mobile phones, two 500GB hard drives, 17 phone chargers, 4 CD players, 8 headsets, 6 phone batteries, 3 pen drives, 1 motor-bike remote, 1 knife, 1 mobile phone cover, 1 necklace with an ”Allah” logo, 1 ring, 1 calculator, 11 remotes, 1 radio, 1 speaker, 1 hand bag, 1 computer monitor and a USB cable.

Muhusin said the father had no police record, but his son had previously been arrested with ‘Dunlop’, a glue reportedly used for sniffing on some islands.

Police said the men were caught in a special operation led by Kulhudhufushi Police station.

Kulhudhufushi police station did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.