Police arrests father and son with stolen electronic equipment

Police have arrested a father and his son with a quantity of allegedly stolen electronics in Kulhudhufushi of Haa Dhaalu

Police identified the two man as Mohamed Hussein, 54, and Adham Mohamed, 18, of Javahirumaage in Kulhudhufushi.

Police Sergeant Abdul Muhusin said the two men were arrested yesterday at 6:15pm.

Muhusin said police had discovered 34 mobile phones, two 500GB hard drives, 17 phone chargers, 4 CD players, 8 headsets, 6 phone batteries, 3 pen drives, 1 motor-bike remote, 1 knife, 1 mobile phone cover, 1 necklace with an ”Allah” logo, 1 ring, 1 calculator, 11 remotes, 1 radio, 1 speaker, 1 hand bag, 1 computer monitor and a USB cable.

Muhusin said the father had no police record, but his son had previously been arrested with ‘Dunlop’, a glue reportedly used for sniffing on some islands.

Police said the men were caught in a special operation led by Kulhudhufushi Police station.

Kulhudhufushi police station did not respond to Minivan News at time of press.


Manager of Habib Bank stabbed and robbed

The country manager of Habib Bank was stabbed and robbed in his home yesterday evening by a gang of four masked men.

Mohamed Anjul Jameel suffered injuries to his nose, forehead and right arm but was not seriously hurt, said Police Sergeant Abdul Muhsin.

Jameel was taken to ADK Hospital for treatment following the attack, which occurred around 5:30pm yesterday.

The bank’s Manager for Foreign Exchange Saudhulla Saeed told Minivan News the incident occurred inside Jameel’s house.

”When he went home after work a group of four young men were in front of his apartment covering their faces,” Saeed said. ”[Jameel] did not notice that these guys were there.”

Saeed said as the man opened his apartment the men came up from behind and pushed him inside his room.

”They covered his mouth and started beating him,” Saeed said, ”and then he told the group to take whatever they liked.”

He said the group only took the money from inside Jameel’s wallet.

”They packed a laptop, five watches and some cosmetics but they forgot to take it with them,” he said.

He said Jameel’s face was badly beaten in the attack.  He was discharged from ADK Hospital this afternoon.

Saeed noted that Jameel’s five year contract was coming to an end and he would be leaving the country very soon.


Tourist dies while snorkelling at Embudhu Village Resort

A 69 year old German tourist died yesterday while snorkelling at Embudhu Village Resort in Kaafu Atoll, eight kilometres from Male’.

Police confirmed the case was reported at 4:45pm yesterday.

A senior staff member at Embudu village told Minivan News the man went snorkeling with his friend yesterday.

”His friend noticed that he had been floating in the water without movement for a while and went to help him,” the staff member said.

”When he shook him he did not move, so he knew that something was wrong. The sea was clam and there was low tide that time.”

He said the dead man’s friend shouted at a speed boat entering the resort and the man was recovered from the water.

”He was immediately taken Male’ to confirm his death.”

The man arrived at the resort on holiday with his wife on the 23 February and was supposed to have left on 9 February, the staff member said. The man’s son will arrive at the resort tomorrow.

Police seargant Abdul Muhsin said a forensic team were investigating the man’s body but had found no external injuries. ”He has been taken to mortuary now” he said.

Indira Gandi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) confirmed the death yesterday.