Fire outbreaks inside engine room of gas supply boat, injures four

Police have reported that today there was a fire outbreak inside the engine room of a boat docked at Thilafushi port to load gas, injuring four men.

According to police the incident was reported this morning at around 10am.

Police stated that one of the Maldivian men injured in the incident is in a critical condition and is currently being treated at Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital.

The police’s Serious and Organized Crime Department is investigating the case.


Fire outbreak in workshop next to EC president’s house

Local media has reported that last night there was a fire outbreak in a workshop next to Elections Commission (EC) president Fuwad Thowfeek’s house.

According to the media the incident occurred last night at about 10:30pm.

Owner of the workshop has told newspaper Sun Online that the incident occurred when someone threw ashes down on the workshop roof causing a tire to catch fire.

According to the newspapers the fire was controlled quickly before it could spread.