Four men stab 16 year-old boy on Ameenee Magu

A 16 year-old boy was stabbed by a group of four men last Thursday night.

The men came on motorbikes when the victim was near Fen building on Ameenee Magu, a person familiar with the victim told Minivan News.

”There were some friends of the boy nearby,” he said, ”but before they could help him, the attackers fled.”

He said the victim was stabbed once in the back and that he was not seriously injured.

”The attack on the boy was not because he was looking for a fight.  It was a random attack,” he said. ”When they see anyone of us alone, they will come and stab that person. It doesn’t matter even if he is a friend.”

He said that the gangs have been fighting with each other for a long time, and sometimes stop for a while, but the battle is never really over.

The victim was admitted to Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) for treatment.

One suspect has been arrested, says police sergeant Abdul Muhsin.

Another 19 year-old man was stabbed in Mahchangolhi during broad daylight last Wednesday.

The man was stabbed four times, said a person familiar with victim.

”He had a deep cut in the back and injured lungs. His left arm was cut very seriously when he tried to block an attack aimed at his head,” said a friend of the victim.

The victim stabbed on Wednesday night told Minivan News that he was attacked on his way home.

”I was near Petral teashop when I met an old friend and he called out to me,” said the victim. ”I stopped to have a chat with him.”

Suddenly a crowd circled around and stabbed him in the back three times, according to the victim.

”Then they all ran away,” he said. ”I was unconscious till I reached hospital.”

When they reached the hospital, he fainted and when he gained consciousness he could not breathe properly because he had been stabbed in the lungs.

He said that his attackers used a normal knife, ”but it had a very thick blade.”

”I do not know why they stabbed me,” he said.


Arrests in Laamu Gan after gang attacks on police

Police have arrested 22 people including four children under the age of 18 in Laamu Gan, after they were attacked during a wave of gang violence.

Police said the attacks occurred on Saturday morning at 4:00am, after the gang, believed to be from Mathimaradhu, “appeared suddenly from a forest.”

Police alleged gang members broke the glass windows of a shop in the industrial area of Mathimaradhu, burnt down a hut in Mulurimagu [district] and broke the windows of two houses. When they tried to stop the gang members, police claim they they were attacked and a police vehicle damaged.

Two policemen were seriously injured in the attack, including one suffered a broken arm after he was hit by a metal tube and another who was struck in the arm by a piece of wood with nails in it.

Police have recovered some of the weapons used in the attack from a house in Mathimaradhu, including swords, knives, metal pipes and blocks.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said the injured two police officers have been brought to Male’ and admitted in Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH).

He said the police were investigating the case but refused to give more information.

Island Chief of Gan office Abdul Rahman said that the attack on Saturday night was a gang war between the two districts Mathimaradhu and Mukuri Magu that had been going on for a long time, “for at least three months.”

”Several times many of them have been injured,” Rahman said, ”but this is the first time they attacked the police and damaged property.”

He said most of the gang members were under the age of eighteen.

”We do not know why they have been fighting,” he said. ”We had not received any reports on these fights.”

He said there was a distance of 30 minutes between the two districts on foot.