Two arrested for stealing safe from health centre

The police have arrested two suspects in a case where the safe of Alifu Dhaalu Atoll Dhangethi Island Health Centre’s safe was stolen.

According to the police, the incident occurred last Thursday night (13 February).

Police said that patrolling officers that night noticed the windows of the island health post were opened and checked to see if everything was alright before found out that the safe was stolen.

The safe was found one and a half hours later, and police was able to recover the money inside the safe as well.

Dhangethi police station is investigating the case.


Man found dead after morning swim in Thaa Atoll

A man from Kinbidhoo Island in Thaa Atoll was found dead after he went for a morning swim today (May 9), reports local media.

The man was taken to the island’s health centre by the group of people who discovered his body.

He was identified as Abdul Kareem Dauood of Andhaasy Villa, Kinbidhoo Island.

The examining doctor determined Dauood was already deceased when he was brought to the centre, according to a police media official.

The police were notified of the incident at 12:49 and are looking into the cause of the incident, a police media official told local media.


President Waheed pledges sewerage system, new health centre for Hoarafushi

President Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan Manik has pledged to the people of Hoarafushi in Haa Alif Atoll today that funds would be included in next year’s budget for a sewerage system and new health centre for the island.

Newspaper Haveeru reported today that Waheed gave the assurances to the people of Hoarafushi during a visit to observe damage caused by severe flooding.

The President was accompanied on the trip by independent MP for Dhaalu Meedhoo, Ahmed ‘Sun Travel’ Shiyam.

Shiyam also accompanied Waheed during a recently concluded tour of Dhaalu Atoll, during which the former vice president pledged a number of infrastructure projects for several islands in the atoll.


“No ambulance on Fridays”: Villigili man takes wife to hospital in garbage cart

An elderly man named Ali Waheed living in Villingili, a residential island that is the fifth district of Male’, has claimed he had to carry his wife to hospital in a garbage cart after the island’s health centre said there was no ambulance available “because it was Friday”.

“I called the police and asked for help, but they said all their vehicles had been damaged and taken Male to repair,’’ Waheed said. “The health centre said that because it was Friday there was no doctor or health worker available, and when asked if one could be made available as it was an urgent case, they said it was not the health centre’s policy.’’

Waheed’s house is located near the garbage pile on the island, and he found a wheel-cart nearby which was used to carry trash.

“I carried my wife on the wheel-cart to the Villingili-Male’ ferry and wheeled her to Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH).”

Waheed said he had informed Health Minister Aiminath Jameel of the incident by “sending more than 50 text messages to her mobile phone.”

“But so far she has not responded to any of those texts. It is very sad that this is the current situation in Villinigili,” he added.

He said doctors and other staff working at the health centre were themselves frustrated due to low wages and because they did not receive any overtime payments.

“They are frustrated and it affects the citizens of Villingili,” he said.

Minivan News spoke to Director of Villingili Health Centre Ahmed Zahir, who said that while Waheed had asked if an ambulance was available to take his wife to the ferry terminal, staff were not made aware that her condition was urgent.

Zahir said an ambulance and doctors were available on Fridays in urgent cases, but said there had been recent cases of the ambulance being called to carry boxes to the ferry terminal in lieu of a taxi.