Police search Hulhumale hospital during investigation of abandoned baby

The police yesterday searched Hulhumale’ hospital to investigate the circumstances around the discovery of an abandoned infant found last week.

An abandoned newborn female baby was discovered in some bushes near the Wataniya telecommunications tower in Hulhumale’ last week. The baby was first taken to Hulhumale’ hospital for treatment and now has been transferred to Indira Gandi Memorial Hospital (IGMH).

Initial reports in the media said the baby appeared to have been born prematurely and discarded by the mother. The umbilical cord was still attached to the infant.

Police Sub Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said police had collected “necessary information” for the investigation from Hulhumale’ hospital.

”The baby is now in a good condition at IGMH,” Shiyam said, adding that ”no further information can be disclosed yet.”

Head of Hulhumale’ hospital Dr Ahmed Ashraf told Minivan News that the infant’s condition was “very weak” when she was first brought to the hospital.

“Her condition was very weak when she was brought here that day in the afternoon,” Dr Ashraf said. “We treated the infant and her condition was stable when she was referred to IGMH that evening.”

He said police officers searched the hospital after obtaining a warrant from the Criminal Court, and “collected information they needed for the investigation.”


Abandoned infant girl found in Hulhumale

A newborn baby was found abandoned near the Wataniya telecommunications tower in Hulhumale’ on Thursday afternoon.

According to police, the baby girl was taken to Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) and her condition has since improved.

The umbilical cord had reportedly not been severed when she was discovered by members of the public.

Police urge anyone with information about the girl to contact either 119 or the duty officer at 9888999.


Letter on Hulhumale’s rubbish

Dear Editor,

I spoke to the Municipal Section In-charge of the Hulhumale Development Corporation (HDC) regarding the waste dumped at various wastelands (unused goathi) of Hulhumale’, and also the waste dumped at the bottom of the beautiful bushes beside brand-new pavements.

I understand that the authority tried to solve this problem by keeping waste bins at various locations but failed to solve the problem because people started dumping household waste and waste from the shops, so that they stopped keeping the bins.

Similarly, I have seen very old sick people, with the family members’ support, boarding on MTCC Ferries and looking for a seat when there are seats reserved for them. Neither the captain nor the crew is able to help our beloved senior citizens or the sick, by letting them have their reserved seats on the ferry.

Since the authority for the Municipal Section of HDC is also the chairperson for Hulhumale’ Crime Prevention Committee working together with Hulhumale’ Police, I feel sorry that they had no solution other than to stop keeping the bins in public areas. I also feel sorry that the captains keep quiet, watching such inhuman scenarios, while he has the authority to question passengers who disobey rules like not purchasing a ticket before boarding the ferry and so on.

I think what’s actually happening is that the hospital has no concern over the issue because at the moment this waste has not caused an epidemic. Police have no concern over the issue because they feel people would not like them for interfering in their freedom to do whatever they want.

HDC has no worries over the issue because they get monthly rent from these wastelands, and they get no complaints from the public who believe they can do anything they want and it’s their freedom to do so.

I think all the government and non-governmental agencies must work together to strengthen the monitoring mechanism and action taking so that those who are responsible do their job in order to keep Hulhumale’ clean and attractive. A country can never afford to watch such scenario and wait until the issue becomes a difficult and expensive problem like drugs, murder and so on. As we all know, drugs and murder was not an issue here before but can we say it’s not an issue today?

So, why can’t we all join together to stop such crimes in our society before it’s too late?


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Letter on Hulhumale’ Hospital

Mr President,

I am writing you, Mr President, to inform you about the death of a student of Grade 9 at Ghaazy School Hulhumale’ on August 9, 2010.

According to the student’s parents, the student attended Hulhumale’ Hospital with severe chest pain on August 8, 2010. A doctor (an Indian national) prescribed medicines and sent her away without doing any of the investigations which are usually done by good doctors.

Since all chest pains are NOT normal, this doctor should have referred her to the physician who is also working at Hulhumale’ Hospital. But this doctor neither referred her to that physician nor did any investigation like an ECG or blood tests, from which a physician could normally identify whether it was a chest pain related to gas in the stomach or a heart-related problem.

So, therefore, I would like to inform you Mr President, that this is a problem which has to be solved without any further delay. I also like to mention that this is a very sad story, and that many people who seek medical treatment at this hospital feel that some doctors and nurses are so careless that they recently gave an expired injection (which was sold by a pharmacy) to a young child without noticing that it was expired. This means neither the pharmacist nor the nurse noticed that it was already expired.

This is not something we can correct by investing additional money BUT we can easily with proper supervision of the hospital manager. For this hospital it is much, much easier to solve such problems because the hospital manager is both a manager and a medical doctor.

Mr President, this email is intended to inform you about what is really happening in our beloved country so that our beloved President could keep it in mind even with the very tight and very busy, VERY IMPORTANT engagements at this critical time.


All letters are the sole view of the author and do not reflect the editorial policy of Minivan News. If you would like to write a letter, please email it to [email protected]