Newly-decreed uninhabited islands to be resort, airport

The Bilhifeyshi area and Thoon’du area of Fuvahmulah have been officially recognised as uninhabited islands.

President Mohamed Nasheed signed decrees for both islands during a special meeting at Fuvahmulah, which addressed development projects for the upcoming South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC).

The President said the two islands will be used for tourism. Development on these islands will be overseen by Fuvahmulaku Development Corporation Limited, a government company that was also created today.

Resort construction will begin at what was formerly Thoon’du area next week. Plans to build an airport at Bilhifeyshi area island are underway.

Development of these islands will be in accordance with the government’s social and economic development policies. The plan is said to provide more opportunities for local business investment and job growth.