Hackers target Islamic Foundation website, circulate false press release

The religious NGO Islamic Foundation of the Maldives has said a press release issued to several media outlets regarding the resignation of Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) Religious Council leader, and supporting the government’s education policy, was not from the Foundation.

Sheikh Adam ‘B.A’ Naseem resigned from the party yesterday, in opposition to the government’s education policy.

“The press release was sent in the name of the Islamic Foundation supporting the Education Minister Dr Musthafa Luthfy, and opposing the leader of MDP Religious council Sheikh Naseem,’’ said the President of the Islamic Foundation Ibrahim Fauzee. “The press release is misleading and could potentially harm the reputation of the foundation.”

‘’The statement alleges that Adam Naseem resigned due to political issues and for his own political interest.’’

Fauzy said the case had been reported to police for investigation.

‘’The press release was first uploaded on our website yesterday, it came to our attention and we removed the press release, and again it was uploaded to our website,’’ said Fauzee.  ‘’By then we realised our website had been hacked.’’

He said that he had no idea who was responsible for the attack on the NGO’s website.

”We also have information that the statement was distributed on the streets,” he added.