President appoints Dr Abdul Samad Abdulla as Acting Minister of Health

Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Abdul Samad Abdulla has been appointed as the Acting Minister of Health.

Samad was appointed the position by the President pending the return of Minister of Health Dr Ahmed Jamsheed Mohamed, who is on an official visit abroad.

Samad’s latest appointment follows on from Minister of Environment and Energy Dr Mariyam Shakeela last month being given a dual cabinet role as Acting Minister of Gender, Family and Human Rights.

Dr Shakeela has previously told Minivan News that she was confident of being able to effectively perform her duties for both ministries.


Employees of health corporations transferred to Civil Service

Employees working under the health corporations have been transferred to the civil service from the first of November.

According to local media reports, the Health Ministry informed all health corporations across the country that their employees would be transferred to the Civil Service last week.

However, reports suggested that health corporations have not been yet abolished and the framework of employees in the corporations have not been adjusted to that of the Civil Service.

According officials from health corporations, the new change would mean that wages of employees would be adjusted in accordance with the wages set for the civil servants by the Civil Service Commission (CSC), although a decision on the matter is yet to be made.

The decision to transfer all the employees of health corporations came following discussion in cabinet.