Third man arrested in Arturs brothers case charged with fraud, forgery

The police have charged 28 year-old Mohamed Vishal of Everchance in Henveiru with fraud and forgery, confirmed Criminal Court media official Ahmed Mohamed Manik.

Manik confirmed that Vishal was brought before the judges last night, where his pretrial detention period was extended by 15 days.

Manik said Vishal had been accused of obtaining over US$32,000 from a company called company called ‘King Global Development Private Limited’, owned by a Thai national. It is currently unclear as to how the charges relate to this company or the money.

According to its website, the company deals in seafood, aviation services, dietary supplements and jewelry.

Visham is the third suspect along with fellow Maldivian Ahmed Nishan and French national Godzine Sargsyan to be detained by police in relation to investigation into the Artur Brother’s presence in the country.

A company named ‘Artur Brothers World Connections’ was registered in the Maldives in October 2012, with the Artur brothers holding an 80 percent share in a 61-19 percent split.

French nationals identified as Godzine Sargsyan and Edga Sargsyan had a 10 and 7 percent share, while a Maldivian national Ismail Waseem of H. Ever Chance was listed as holding the remaining 3 percent.


MNDF corporal praised for bravery

The MNDF have congratulated corporal Mohamed Vishal of the Marine Corps for his initiative and bravery, after saving a man from a gang attack in December.

At round 9.30 pm on 10 December, Hassan Rasheed Abdullah, assistant director of the drug rehabilitation centre, was attacked by a group wielding box cutters and sustained many injuries.

According to MNDF, Vishal overcame many obstacles and took Rasheed to the IGMH hospital on his motorbike.

In recognition of his efforts, the Maldives police service had passed on a message of thank to Corporal Vishal.