High Court upholds order to reinstate policeman accused of sexual assault

The High Court on Monday upheld a Civil Court verdict to reinstate the job to a policeman who had been accused of sexual assault, reports Haveeru.

Husham Hameed and three other police officers stand accused of undressing and sexually assaulting a woman after they forced her into a police car in August 2010.

However, the High Court bench unanimously ruled that Husham could not be dismissed from his job unless he was proven guilty of a criminal act.

Husham had previously held the title of ‘Mr. Maldives’, Haveeru reports.


Former ‘Mr Maldives’ wins unfair dismissal case

The Civil Court ordered the Maldives Police Service yesterday to reinstate Constable Husham Hameed to his post after the former ‘Mr Maldives’ was fired last year on suspicion of sexually assaulting a young woman inside a police car.

According to newspaper Haveeru, Judge Aisha Shujoon ruled that the police disciplinary committee’s decision to dismiss Husham was both inconsistent with section 24(b) of police regulations and disproportionate to the alleged offence.

The judge added that the committee’s action against Husham violated his rights under articles 37 and 38 of the constitution, ordering police to reinstate Husham within 15 days and pay his lost salary and allowances in 30 days.

The three other police officers dismissed along with Husham – Corporal Mohamed Fayaz, Corporal Ali Nasheed and Chief Inspector Risheef Thoha – have ongoing unfair dismissal cases at the Civil Court.