Woman alleges senior police officer sexually abused her inside police car

A woman has filed a case at police headquarters alleging she was sexually abused last Thursday by a group of people, including a chief inspector.

Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed the case had been filed and that police were now investigating the matter.

“The person accused denies the charges,” he said. “She alleged there was also a police chief inspector included in the group she claimed had sexually abused her.”

He declined to give further information on the case, saying police would disclose more information once the investigation was concluded.

A close friend of the alleged victim told Minivan News the incident occurred near Seahouse restaurant in Henveiru.

“She would not be older than 22 years, she was friends with the police inspector,’’ he said. “According to what she told me, she was partying with a group of four police officers, including a senior inspector, and they were all drunk.’’

He alleged that the incident occurred inside a police car.

“She said they threw her onto the street after sexually abusing her,’’ he said.

Meanwhile, local newspaper Haveeru reported that a group of people had burned the motorbike of the police inspector in an arson attack.


15 thoughts on “Woman alleges senior police officer sexually abused her inside police car”

  1. There have been quite powerful accusations of top MNDF personnel using threats to get sexual favors from some girls working in MNDF.
    'you want to progress in studies or rank, there is a price to pay'. a common saying within the military and police.
    This girl who reported this abuse has done most women a big favor. It is time for women to come out and voice there concern on growing sexual harassment by senior people in many various offices, ministries and private sector.

  2. ...and all the media will focus on from now on is that they were allegedly drunk.

    Not care at all about the victim.

    Just like that rape at carnival.

    The first thing everyone did was make the victim look bad.

    Where is that case now?

    Where are the nice police officers looking into that?

    A nation who's TOTAL POPULATION is less than that of a small town elsewhere, and they can't catch anyone or solve anything?

    ****ing ridiculous.

    Maybe global warming is divine punishment for being the worlds dumbest, most apathetic nation.

  3. Brave girl, to report such a crime. I hope police looks into this matter a the serious allegation it is and not get defensive.

  4. I feel sad that everyone assumed that the police officers were guilty. It is quite possible that there is more to this story than meets the eye.

    Having said that, if the charges are true, then the girl needs to be commended for standing up to abuse. Most girls would opt to let go to avoid social stigma, plus going through the judicial process is a big pain too.

    Can minivannewsarchive.com do a research piece on the amount of child abuse cases, their status and how many of them have been solved? I'm sure that would be quite revealing...

  5. the girl all these people are commenting about, i don't know why anybody would abuse her, after all she's present in any booze party in anywhere in the country? and this behavior will always lead to something horrible like this .. this is lesson for all the girls who doesn't behave accordingly ....the new trend is most of the time these types girls (ghadaa) like to hang around with more men .

  6. If this is tru this is a very seriouse crime. How could we trust from the people who are suppose to be "TO PROTECT N TO SERVE". I call on all media to follow up on this case. I regeret to say the jourlism in Maldives has not shown much a profesionalism. It appears they are only interested in news headlines and there is no proper follow up on a case.
    If the Police do not handle this case we will and will take the law into our own hans to punish those who responsible.

  7. to "one day this gonna happen"

    even if this girl is present in a million 'booze parties' she would not deserve to be raped or sexually abused. also, let me point out that you are a fool to think the women who behave 'accordingly' are safe in a country that does not recognize marital rape or care about spousal abuse.

    good day.

  8. Wow, Getting hot in here aint it?

    Hooh...calm down..see thats one problem we will have in our country for as long as it takes...Frankly, i dont see any solution to this.

    Every human being...no thats more geologic...lets say every person has sexual wants..how many doctors have tries to jump eye your wife breasts when they try to examine heart beat? you need to pretend not to notice the doc's eyes if you want to see that in action..so eventually, police does..Judges do..oh yes they do..and jailer...the hell they DO.

    So now the problem comes when a "policeman" abuses a gal? and thats as you call "a gal who wud b in every booze party"....matches up doesnt it?

    Check out the nokia site, they dont have maldives registered..but did you know that even in india, sri lanka, bangladesh, countries we consider among our level are on the website.What does not match is,technologicaly, we are 2 times ahead of them. pple already know what a 3g and 2g connection is and what can be done wth dose connections.The problem is, in this fast evolving world, we have held on to so many things..so many things that felt to matter but didnt.

    On this evolution, our girls are slowly finding a domain of self expression, self motivation and finding a feeling of importance themselves. closing factors are the parent who have to work to feed their children..or least overstuff them (hi! MP's).whatever the case.

    I beleive the child had her rights to enjoy her personal life. I beleive the parents now have a right to ground her. Take immediate actions to save the child.Surely da parents shud know by now..and tell her that she dont have to be a walking DG to enjoy life..

    and then the police.. Hey Mr. Policeman,FIND a f*#/-ng wife to f*#/ around. Dont ruin the uniform and the respect.When you took the job, u shud have known the sacrifices it meant.

    Now comes the drunk gal...ok..tricky..drunk means voilation of religion & law right? but does that make her less human or label "to be raped"? but then she was where she should not have been..she drinks doesnt mean she sleeps wth men.be careful Mr. "one day this gonna happen"life treats u in diferent ways,,u may have to sing that song later. Have pride in what you say. All this is becuase of the incompetence of the leaders in our country.Bright minds that never lit..i call them.

    My father had 14 children..my mom was the factory. y? he wanted to enjoy a life of retirement when his 14 children wud grow and turn in MRF 2000 minimum to him to save. WONDERFUL FAMILY PLANING>...so y was his eyes not open? because Maldivians used to put condoms on the index fingers of the feet.we are not aware,.nobody makes us aware. when we jump into the pit, finaly everyone becomes Albert Einstein.

  9. it heppens v good, bcox nw a days maldivian r over on chellenging wit cops, thats a big misunderstanding. police mans have legal powers, but citizens doesnt want to appriciate it

  10. @ Kukulhey, does police having legal powers include the right to rape women??? your comment suggests that this as done by police to prove their powers. very strange

  11. Thanks Marina..seems kukulhey is a kukulhey..That was a very hefty comment. You dont loose respect of which you you dont have. The cops blew it like dis many other times on the faces of our citizens and I dont want to make a mis statement saying all are jews...no offense.

    But still, few citizens like us, respect the meaning of the uniform in which a policeman stands to serve and to protect.


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