PIC investigating Nazim’s complaint against Police Commissioner

Former defence minister Colonel (retired) Mohamed Nazim’s legal team has submitted an official complaint to the Police Integrity Commission (PIC) regarding claims that explosives were found in his home on January 18.

Lawyer Maumoon Hameed confirmed that the complaint was related to claims by the Commissioner of Police Hussein Waheed on January 29, in which he stated that an improvised explosive device was found at Nazim’s residence along with a pistol and ammunition.

Hameed stated that the search records given to Nazim listing the items that were found and confiscated by the police during the raid did not include any explosive devices, explaining that police only announced its discovery after an analysis conducted without independent oversight.

“We submitted the search record along with the recording of Hussain Waheed’s press conference. No explosives were listed to have been found. That is false information,” Hameed told Minivan News today.

The claims that explosives were found – cited by police as evidence that Nazim intended to harm senior officials and overthrow the government – has also prompted Nazim’s legal team to file a defamation case against the commissioner in Civil Court.

PIC Chair Fathimath Sareera confirmed that the case has been received and is now under investigation, though no further details were given.

As well as suggesting that police had planted the evidence in Nazim’s home, former Commissioner of Police MP Abdulla Riyaz – also on Nazim’s legal team – suggested earlier this week that the discovery of such a device should have prompted the evacuation of the area.

The legal team has also raised questions over why Nazim was arrested after more than 20 days had passed since the police raid on his residence.

The High Court appeal into Nazim’s 15-day remand period – approved on the day of his arrest last week (February 10) – was concluded yesterday, though no hearing was scheduled for today.

Amnesty International are investigating his disappearance as a social media and poster campaign has sprung up calling for his release.

Nazim was dismissed as the defence minister on January 20, being replaced with Major General (retired) Moosa Ali Jaleel who served as the Chief of Defence Force during President Mohamed Nasheed’s presidency.

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Azima’s law firm drops Nazim’s case

Former Attorney General Aishath Azima Shakoor has dropped former defence minister Mohamed Nazim’s case, say media reports

According to a press statement from Azima’s law firm Avant-Garde, the firm decided to drop the case for “personal reasons”.

Nazim is facing charges relating to possession of dangerous weapons after police raided his home on January 18.

The statement also said that Nazim’s case from now onwards will be handled by Maumoon Hameed – nephew of President Abdulla Yameen.

Previously Avant-Garde has stated that Nazim did not commit any act in violation of the law and that “he would like to assure everyone that he would not do anything in violation of the law in the future”.

State TV broadcaster MBC reported that Azima’s law firm had, earlier today, confirmed that the department of immigration is holding his passport.