53 year-old man stabbed in Hoarafushi

A group of men last night stabbed a 53 year-old man on the island of Hoarafushi in Haa Alifu Atoll.

Police said that the incident occurred last night at about 3:30am, while the old man was on his way to go fishing.

According to the police he was stabbed twice in his back and is currently being treated at Dhidhoo Hospital in Haa Alifu Atoll.

The police said that the assailants were covering their faces using masks and they fled after the attack. However, police have brought in three suspects.

The three men aged 21, 22 and 27 were arrested at about 4:15am this morning, according to police.

Police said Hoarafushi Police Station is investigating the case.

Local media identified the old man as Abdul Baary of Finihiyaage in Hoarafushi, Haa Alifu Atoll.

In September 2010, Hussein Mohamed Manik, 61, a prominent businessman and seller of oil and hardware products was found dead inside an abandoned house on Hoarafushi in Haa Alifu Atoll.

Local media at the time reported that Manik’s hands were tied behind his back with rope, and that the body was lying on the ground in a prone position when discovered.


“He just lies there”: desperate plight of the abandoned elderly

Mohamed Solih has suffered from mental illness for as long as people in the island of Kanditheem in Shaviyani Atoll could remember – now at 70-years of age he lives by himself in an abandoned house.

In recent weeks, Solih has lost his eyesight as well as the ability to stand on his feet.

Kanditheemu Island Councilor Nasrulla told Minivan News that Solih did have one son living in Male’” who should bear the responsibility” of taking care of his father in his advanced age.

“It was because of his negligence as well that his father has not been sent to either treatment facilities or taken good care of,” Nasrulla said. “Ever since we remember Solih he has been a disabled man, but he used to walk and there were relatives who looked after him.”

Nasrulla added that Solih’s son, Ahmed Wafir, had been informed about his father’s condition.

‘’Now that he can’t walk by himself he just lies in the same place and can’t even go to his relatives’ house to have meal,’’ the councillor said.

Nasrulla said that when he contacted the son, Wafir blamed the concerned authorities for not providing care for his father.

“He says that he has tried with all the concerned state authorities to send his father to the treatment facility in Guraidhoo, Kaafu Atoll,” said Nasrulla. “And he said that the authorities have not been replying to his letters and have ignored his requests.”

However, Nasrulla argued that the son’s negligence was to blame for Solih’s isolation.

“The family has to work to an adequate level to send Solih to treatment facility,” he insisted. “More recently another person in this island was sent to the treatment facility but it happened only because this person’s family tried to an adequate level.”

Wafir has told Minivan News that he was planning to go back for his father very soon.

“I tried to look after him but it never worked out that way,” Wafir said. “Every time I try to control my father it ends up with either of us getting injured.”

Wafir explained that was unable to stay in the island as he had his own family to look after in Male’: “I was left with no other choice,” he said.

He added that his mother-in-law living in Kanditheemu had been caring for his father while he was away, “but she contacted me and said his condition is far too serious now.”

Online newspaper Kanditheem-online based in the island reported today that Solih’s condition is now critical and islanders have started gathering near the abandoned house where Solih is being kept.

The original article in Kanditheem-online about Solih Mohamed can be found here.