Crime in Ramadan declined 40 percent, reveals police

The number of crimes reported in the capital Malé during the holy fasting month of Ramadan in 2014 declined 40 percent compared to the same period last year, police statistics have shown.

While a total of 1,476 crimes were reported in the capital during Ramadan 2013, police revealed that the figure declined to 884 this year.

Cases of theft decreased from 544 last year to 226 in Ramadan 2014.

Followed by theft, the second highest number of cases involved traffic accidents with 176 during the fasting month, which saw a slight increase from 163 last year.

While 131 drug cases were registered this year, the figure was 212 in 2013.


Over Rf3.9 million worth of drugs seized this year

Police have seized over Rf3.9 million (US$252,900) worth of illegal narcotics so far this year.

According to police statistics revealed last week, police investigated 1,315 cases as of August this year and sent 283 cases for prosecution. These include 15 cases of drug dealing, 12 cases of drug smuggling, 495 cases of drug abuse and 570 cases of possession.

The street value of the drug haul this year amounted to Rf3,935,200. Of the 969 people arrested on drug-related charges, 76 were minors and 44 were foreigners.

Police are currently working on establishing a database of drug offenders for intelligence purposes.


Police close 125 cases in September

Police concluded investigations and forwarded 125 cases to the Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO) in September.

According to police statistics, of the 907 cases reported to different departments last month, 270 were reported to the property crimes department, 254 to the capital police, 144 to traffic police, 78 to the serious and organised crime department, 68 to the fraud and financial crime department, 53 to the drug enforcement department and 40 to the family and child protection department.

The fraud and financial crime department closed and sent 33 cases for prosecution while capital police closed 25 cases. The serious and organised crime and child and family protection departments each closed 17 cases. Drug cases sent for prosecution meanwhile numbered 12 followed by one case of traffic violation.