Safe stolen from Filitheyo resort

Two masked men tied up a security guard and receptionist at the Filitheyo resort in Faafu atoll and stole a safe in the early hours of Sunday (October 26).

Police said the theft was reported around 3:20am and a team from Faafu Nilandhoo and Dhaalu Kudahuvadhoo was sent to the resort.

The two men went to the island on a speedboat, police explained, and tied up a foreign security guard and a Maldivian receptionist before stealing the safe.

According to the resort, more than MVR5,000 was stored in the safe.

Police are searching nearby uninhabited and inhabited islands to recover the safe.

Meanwhile, 10 people were arrested on Sunday at 5:00 am on charges of stealing the safe of Ernst and Young in Malé. Approximately MVR10,000 (US$648) was stolen, the police have said.

The majority were caught while attempting to flee from the police near the Ernst and Young offices.


Thief offers to return stolen phone in exchange for sex

Police arrested a 30-year-old Maldivian man on Monday night (October 20) after he offered to return a stolen phone in exchange for either sex or MVR1,000 (US$65).

The suspect allegedly snatched the phone from a woman while she was walking on a street in Malé and the theft was reported to police around 8:30pm.

The thief made the offer to return the phone when the owner called the number.

Police revealed that the suspect has a criminal record for drug abuse, theft and assault. He had been previously been arrested 24 times while 11 cases had been forwarded for criminal prosecution, police said.


Police advise precautionary measures against theft during Eid holidays

Police have advised residents of Malé to take precautionary measures to avoid theft if they leave their homes unattended during the upcoming Eid holidays.

In a press release today, police advised residents of the capital who plan on leaving for the holidays to secure valuable belongings, lock all cupboards and rooms, and inform both a reliable person and the nearest police station of their absence.

The Eid al-Adha begins tomorrow and government offices are expected to be closed next week.

Police said patrols in the capital would be stepped up to ensure security during the holidays.


Man sentenced to six years in prison for stealing rihaakuru bottles

The Criminal Court on Monday (September 15) sentenced a 43-year-old Maldivian man to six years in prison for stealing three bottles of rihaakuru (a thick brown fish paste) from the local market in Malé.

Ahmed Riyaz, from Henveiru Yaaru, was accused of stealing the three bottles from stall number 39 at the local market in the early hours of the morning on March 4. Each bottle was worth MVR250 (US$16).

Riyaz was found guilty based on eyewitness testimony and sentenced to six years imprisonment as it was the sixth time that he had been convicted of theft.


Crime in Ramadan declined 40 percent, reveals police

The number of crimes reported in the capital Malé during the holy fasting month of Ramadan in 2014 declined 40 percent compared to the same period last year, police statistics have shown.

While a total of 1,476 crimes were reported in the capital during Ramadan 2013, police revealed that the figure declined to 884 this year.

Cases of theft decreased from 544 last year to 226 in Ramadan 2014.

Followed by theft, the second highest number of cases involved traffic accidents with 176 during the fasting month, which saw a slight increase from 163 last year.

While 131 drug cases were registered this year, the figure was 212 in 2013.


Man sentenced to seven years and six months for stealing laptop

The Criminal Court has sentenced Hussein Abdul Hakeem of Lhaviyani atoll Hinnavaru Island to seven years and six months for stealing a laptop.

This is the seventh count of theft against Hakeem. The Penal Code adds a year for every count of theft.

Hakeem was sentenced for stealing a laptop from a house in Malé in 2012.

In February, Ali Rasheed of Haa Dhaal Hanimadhoo Island was sentenced to four and a half years for stealing three lotion bottles. Rasheed also had been convicted of theft four times previously.


Man arrested for stealing bananas

A man has been arrested in the early hours of Wednesday for being caught in the act of stealing bananas from a stall at the local market in capital Malé city.

Police informed media that the arrested man is a local, age 34, who has a previous record of drug abuse.

He was arrested by officers who were patrolling the streets of Malé. Police recovered a number of what are suspected to be stolen bananas from his possession.


Over MVR100,000 stolen from Ooredoo office

More than MVR100,000 (US$6,485) in cash has been stolen from a safe in the Ooredoo office in Majeedhee Magu, the main thoroughfare of the capital Malé.

According to the police, the theft was reported at 8:25am this morning. No arrests have been made yet.

Earlier this month, police launched a special operation in response to a spike in cases of theft and robbery in the capital.


Two persons arrested for theft

Maldives Police Services have announced that they have recovered part of MVR 50,000 stolen from an individual’s safe in the island of Madifushi in Thaa Atoll.

According to police, the underage daughter of the safe’s owner stole the money and gave it to her partner.

Police have arrested two Maldivian men aged 18 and 22. The 22 year old is reported to have a previous record of robbery and drug abuse. The men were arrested from a boat that arrived in Malé on Wednesday morning (June 18).

Police said they discovered MVR 27,000 from the 22 year old’s baggage and another MVR 3,300 from his wallet.

“While being questioned, the 22 year old man confessed that the money was given to him by his romantic partner on his request. He further stated that he has spent some of the stolen money, and hidden away MVR 15,000 on Madifushi,” police stated.

Police added that since the female accomplice is under the age of 18, she will be questioned in the presence of representatives from the Gender and Family Protection Unit.

Police have now recovered and returned a total of MVR 45,700 from the stolen MVR 50,000 to its owner.