Gang robs elderly man of Rf 200,000

A group of four men have robbed an elderly man of Rf 200,000 (US$13,000) while he was on his way to deposit the money in the bank.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam confirmed incident and said police were investigating the case.

‘’The elderly man suffered minor injuries in the incident,’’ Shiyam said, but would not give further details.

According to local newspaper Haveeru, the man was robbed as he walked out from a café inside the Alimas Carnival area.

The paper quoted a witness as saying that as the elderly man walked out, four men on two motorbikes were waiting for him and forced him to give the money to them.

He told the paper that the assailants left a box cutter blade and a sandal in the area as they fled away.

Meanwhile, the Indian High Commission has put up a notice on the High Commission Office notice board informing all Indian citizens residing in the Maldives to take “precautionary measures” while walking in the streets of Male’, and to avoid wearing jewelry.

The High Indian High Commission noted that there were increasing reports of snatch-and-grab incidents lately.


Gang robs Cactus flower shop, threaten staff

A well-known flower shop on Sosun Magu, Cactus, was robbed last night by a group of intruders who threatened staff with knives and box cutters.

Police Sub-Inspector Ahmed Shiyam said a group of men entered the shop last night at 11:30pm and

Shiyam said that one man had been arrested in connection with the robbery, and the case continued to be under investigation.

A witness to the incident, who later spoke with the staff, told Minivan News that three men entered the flower shop around and threatened the staffs with knife and cutters, and stole Rf35,000 (US$2700).

”I was passing by and noticed that the lights of that shop were off,” he said. ”They never switched off the lights so early.”

He said two Maldivian staff were inside the shop when three men entered.

”They entered the shop, switched off the lights and locked the shop,” he said. ”They punched one staff member’s eye and nose and grabbed another’s necklace and both their mobile phones.”

He said that the group went upstairs where the money was stored and opened the locker by damaging it.

”There was a security guard outside who was afraid to call the cops,” the witness noted.


Manager of Habib Bank stabbed and robbed

The country manager of Habib Bank was stabbed and robbed in his home yesterday evening by a gang of four masked men.

Mohamed Anjul Jameel suffered injuries to his nose, forehead and right arm but was not seriously hurt, said Police Sergeant Abdul Muhsin.

Jameel was taken to ADK Hospital for treatment following the attack, which occurred around 5:30pm yesterday.

The bank’s Manager for Foreign Exchange Saudhulla Saeed told Minivan News the incident occurred inside Jameel’s house.

”When he went home after work a group of four young men were in front of his apartment covering their faces,” Saeed said. ”[Jameel] did not notice that these guys were there.”

Saeed said as the man opened his apartment the men came up from behind and pushed him inside his room.

”They covered his mouth and started beating him,” Saeed said, ”and then he told the group to take whatever they liked.”

He said the group only took the money from inside Jameel’s wallet.

”They packed a laptop, five watches and some cosmetics but they forgot to take it with them,” he said.

He said Jameel’s face was badly beaten in the attack.  He was discharged from ADK Hospital this afternoon.

Saeed noted that Jameel’s five year contract was coming to an end and he would be leaving the country very soon.