MDP denies activists stormed CSC’s office

A video of group of men entering the office of the Civil Service Commission (CSC) on Sunday and intimidating staff is circulating on the internet.

Secretary General of the CSC Abdullah Khaleel said the group arrived at 1:05pm and “spoke very rudely. Their actions were violent.”

“We tried to find out their purpose for coming to our office. I asked them to come sit in the meeting room to speak about the matter, but they refused,” he said.

”They were mainly talking about the civil servants’ salary issue, they were angry that we were calling on the government to reinstate the salaries,” Khaleel said.

Khaleel said staff called the police at 1:11pm but officers police arrived after the incident had ended and the men had left.

He said that the crowd consisted of around nine men, but noted that only a few of them were rude.

”Two of the nine tried to take the three angry men outside the office, and they finally left,” Khaleel said.

He said that before leaving the office, the men threatened that they would be gathering a crowd of people in front of the CSC office.

Spokesman for Maldivian Democratic Party MDP Ahmed Haleem claimed that MDP did not send anybody to enter or threaten the Civil Service Commission. .

Haleem stated that ”as 90 per cent of Maldivians are MDP members, there might be a MDP supporter involved in [any] such scenes.”

According to the Elections Commission of the Maldives MDP had 28,995 members in December last year, or 9.3 per cent of the population.

Press secretary for the president’s office Mohamed Zuhair said that ”even if there was a MDP member [involved] it does not mean that they were representing MDP. They are members of the public as well.”

He said he would not support the act, as “nobody should enter a government’s office against security procedures.”