Parliament considers stricter traffic rules

Parliament has accepted for consideration two bills seeking to double fines for traffic violations and make it mandatory to wear helmets.

Amendments to the land vehicles law submitted by MP ‘Reeko’ Moosa Manik to raise fines was accepted with 46 votes in favour at yesterday’s sitting and sent to the economic affairs committee for review.

The independent MP proposed imposing a fine of MVR1,000 for speeding in addition to impounding the vehicle for 30 days, and suspending the driver’s license for 90 days.

The bill also proposed a MVR1,500 fine for a second speeding offence, MVR2,000 for a third offence, and MVR1,000 for illegal parking.

Moosa also proposed raising fines for failing to pay annual fees and driving a motorcycle with expired registration.

The bill also states that it will be illegal for children under 10 to ride bicycles on the road.

Progressive Party of Maldives MP Riyaz Rasheed meanwhile proposed making it mandatory to wear helmets while riding motorcycles. Riyaz’s amendments were accepted with 47 votes in favour and also sent to the economic affairs committee for review.

The legislation was submitted in the wake of several fatal accidents in Addu City.


20 year-old dies in speeding motorcycle accident

A 20 year-old man died yesterday afternoon when his speeding motorcycle crashed into a tree in Noonu Kendhikulhudhoo.

The attending doctor at Kendhikulhudhoo Health Centre said the man had died before reaching hospital.

Police reported the motorcycle was completely damaged and Manadhoo police are investigating the accident further.