Father and daughter injured in hit-and-run accident in Addu City

A father and daughter were injured in Addu City last night in the second accident in the southernmost atoll this week.

Meanwhile, two young men have died in two separate accidents on April 10 and March 30.

According to local media, Mohamed Faiz, 43, was driving on a motorcycle with his daughter, Fazana Mohamed, 23, when it collided with a jeep on the link road around 8:50pm.

Fazana was treated at the operation theatre for internal bleeding at the Hithadhoo regional hospital. Her father’s injuries were not severe.

Police declared a search for the driver of the jeep who “fled the scene.” Police located the jeep, hidden in a garage, this evening and arrested the 40-year-old driver.

Hussein Hilmy, an Addu City councillor, told Minivan News today that work is currently underway to implement recommendations made by a team from the transport ministry on improving road safety.

Hilmy said more police officers are needed to effectively control traffic.

However, police said most accidents in Addu City were caused by speeding rather than traffic congestion.

“With the help of the Addu council secretariat we are trying to raise public awareness on the issue of going past the speed limit and the rule of the use of helmets by both the driver and the passenger on the specified area of the road,” a police media official said.

All motorcycle riders are now required to wear helmets on the Addu City link road, which connects three interlinked islands.

A 22-year-old young man died from injuries sustained in an accident that occurred on the Feydhoo main road after midnight on April 10.

The victim was identified as Mamdhoon Ahmed Ali Didi ‘Mandey.’ He was on the back seat of a motorcycle driven by his 20-year-old friend, Ahmed Sammah.

Police said the accident occurred around 1:20am when the motorcycle attempted to overtake a car at a relatively high speed, lost control, and crashed into a wall.

Mamdhoon was thrown into the air and hit the wall. He suffered severe head injuries and was pronounced dead at the regional hospital around 5:00am.

The second victim is still in critical condition with head injuries and has been transferred to the capital for further treatment.

Mamdhoon was completing a course at Professor Hassan Ugail’s scientific research lab on the island of Vaavaru in Lhaviyani atoll.

He was reportedly planning to leave for Indonesia next month for a dive-master course.

A 16-year-old victim of an accident in Addu City meanwhile died of injuries on March 30 while undergoing treatment at the regional hospital.

An 18-year-old man and a 16-year-old girl also sustained injuries after the two motorcycles collided in the Hithadhoo link road.

In November, a 33-year-old man died following a motorcycle accident whilst two men died in September after their motorcycle collided with a pickup.

Some 71 accidents have occurred throughout the country in April with 651 accidents so far this year.