Senior officer sues police for compensation of medical costs for injuries on Feb 7

Superintendent Adhnan Anees has sued the Maldives Police Service seeking compensation for medical treatment of injuries sustained after mutinying police officers allegedly attacked him in Republic Square and inside police headquarters on February 7.

Anees’s lawyer Abdulla Shair told Minivan News that Superintendent Anees was struck multiple times with a wooden chair while he was inside police headquarters, and had suffered a fractured arm.

Shair said that his client received serious injuries and was still undergoing medical treatment. He noted that the Police Act obliged the institution to take responsibility for any injuries sustained by an officer while on duty.

“They have to take the responsibility because he was on duty at the time and was inside police headquarters,” Shair added.

Similar incidents were also highlighted in the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP)’s ‘coup report’ co-authored by former Defence Minister Ameen Faisal and Environment Minister Ahmed Aslam.

The report stated that mutinying police officers attacked senior officers inside police headquarters on the morning of February 7 while a large number of officers were protesting at Republic Square.

The attack was carried out by police officers outside police headquarters on the instructions of Police Superintendent Abdulla Nawaz and Sub-Inspector Azeem Waheed, according to the MDP’s report.

The report stated that Corporal Ahmed Vikram ‘Viki’ hit Superintendent Anees with a wooden chair in the back, and struck Anees in the genitals with his legs.

Anees was then taken upstairs to the third floor of police headquarters and locked inside the Drug Enforcement Department’s storage room, along with Deputy Commissioner Ismail Atheef and Superintendent Ibrahim Manik, the report said.

According to the report, mutinying police officers subsequently broke open the door of the storage room and again attacked the three senior officers, before taking them downstairs.

Chief Superintendent Mohamed Jinah, head of police drug unit, was pictured handcuffed on a launch. He was reported to have been beaten up by rogue police officers before being taken to Dhoonidhoo Detention Centre along with several other senior officers.

Superintendent 'Lady' Ibrahim Manik assaulted outside police HQ

A picture showing an attack on Superintendent of Police Ibrahim Manik was also included in the Ameen-Aslam report. Manik was struck on the head using an extendable steel baton, by a man identified as Corporal Waseem from Police Special Operations (SO).