MDP government’s intelligence learned of coup planning, claims report

Intelligence sources of the ousted Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP) government had learned of the then-opposition’s plan to topple the government by soliciting “about 500 police officers” to protest in the Republic Square, according to an investigative report into the circumstances that led to former President Mohamed Nasheed’s resignation “under duress” on February 7.

The report (Dhivehi), co-authored by former Environment Minister Mohamed Aslam and National Security Advisor Ameen Faisal, focuses on the former government’s intelligence information on planning for the alleged “coup d’etat” and “unlawful and criminal activities” of police and army officers in the events leading up to Nasheed’s resignation.

All the information included in the report came from “primary sources”, the authors insisted, including senior government officials and political figures as well as police and army officers. Other sources included media reports, eyewitness testimonies and publicly available video footage.

Speaking to Minivan News today, President’s Office Spokesperson said that the MDP’s decision to release a report that included the names of police and MNDF officers it accused of being involved in the alleged coup was an “act of terrorism”.

“Planning the coup”

The report alleged that in September 2011 council members of former President Maumoon Abdul Gayoom’s Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) met with a retired Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) warrant officer (grade one), a retired brigadier general and a retired deputy police commissioner at the apartment of PPM council member Ahmed ‘Mars’ Saleem to discuss ways to topple the government.

At the meeting, the report stated, the retired warrant officer proposed that “the only way to change President Nasheed’s government” was for “about 500 police officers to come out and protest at the Republic Square”.

“During these discussions, when the retired deputy police commissioner gave assurances that it could be done, PPM interim deputy leader Umar Naseer raised doubts [about the possibility],” the report claimed.

However, following extensive discussions, “it was decided that work would begin on creating an atmosphere for [a police-led protest at Republic square].”

The report further claimed that the “December 23 coalition” of eight political parties and affiliated NGOs – which staged a mega-protest to “Defend Islam” from the alleged “securalisation agenda” of President Nasheed – was formed as a result of “a lengthy discussion” at the Adhaalath Party office between a prominent religious scholar and the aforementioned warrant officer.

The ‘mega-protest’ was meanwhile primarily funded by Jumhoree Party (JP) Leader and tycoon MP Gasim Ibrahim, the report claimed.

While Umar Naseer attempted to march the December 23 demonstrators to overthrow the government, the report claimed, the plan was thwarted after some coalition members opposed the notion.

“When it could not be done that day, the organisers of the gathering on December 23 decided to hold a second mass demonstration in the name of ‘a symposium’ on February 24 to bring President Nasheed’s rule to an end through direct action,” the report stated.

The controversial detention of Criminal Court Judge Abdulla Mohamed by the military on 16 January provided the opposition “a wide opportunity to redouble efforts to achieve the desired outcome of the mass ‘symposium’ planned for February 24.”


Meanwhile, the report alleged, efforts by the opposition to identify police and army officers to join the protest was underway “at a high speed” with ex-colonel Mohamed Nazim and ex-deputy commissioner Abdulla Riyaz entrusted with the task.

At the beginning of February 2012, the report revealed, government intelligence had learned of ties formed between elements of the police and military with the opposition.

The report alleged that “among those who pledged allegiance to [the opposition] were Brigadier General Ahmed Shiyam, Colonel Mohamed Nasheed, Lieutenant Colonel Abdul Raouf and Lieutenant Colonel Ahmed ‘Papa’ Fayaz.”

Moreover, intelligence learned that Brigadier General Ahmed Shiyam – presently the Chief of Defence Forces – held secret meetings with opposition figures, the report claimed.

Intelligence officers also reported that ex-colonel Nazim contacted senior military officers and middle-ranking officers at the time, “as a result of which information was received that some officers of the military’s marine corp pledged allegiance to him.”

Intelligence further learned that the officers in question were engaged in “inciting hatred” for President Nasheed among military personnel, eroding respect for the then-commander-in-chief and seeking additional recruits to their cause.

“Star Force” resurrected

The MDP’s report alleged that police officers involved in the planning for the coup were Assistant Commissioner Hussain Waheed, Chief Superintendent Abdulla Fairoosh, Chief Superintendent Hassan Habeeb, Chief Superintendent Ahmed Saudhy, Chief Inspector Abdulla Mannan Yousuf, Inspector Mohamed Dhaoud, Superintendent Ahmed Mohamed, Superintendent Mohamed Jamsheed, Sub-Inspector Azim Waheed and Special Operations (S.O) Inspector Shameem.

S.O Officers in particular were openly displaying contempt for President Nasheed and hatred of the government, the report claimed. The police S.O, formerly known as the “Star Force”, was created during President Gayoom’s reign to quell public demonstrations by the nascent MDP during the post-2003 reform movement.

The report revealed that disciplinary action was taken against an S.O officer found to have boasted to PPM MP Ahmed Mahlouf on 23 January about brutalising MDP protesters near MMA, vowing to “destroy MDP.”

Mahlouf confirmed the incident the following night at the protest, the report noted.

Disciplinary action was also taken against an officer who revealed riot police strength in a text message to Umar Naseer.

Moreover, intelligence learned that S.O officers were informing the opposition of “all of President Nasheed’s movements.”

The report also alleged that the S.O made no attempt to break up disruptive protests led by the opposition for 22 consecutive nights, which saw the central bank’s windows smashed, a minister’s house vandalised, trees uprooted and a police officer set on fire.

The report further noted remarks by Umar Naseer during the 22 nights of protest asking for 2,000 volunteers to storm army barracks with 50 ladders, at which point “the people inside will be with us.”

“From today onward, we will turn this protest into one that achieves results,” Umar had said. “We know how people overthrow governments. Everything needed to topple the government of this country is now complete.”

The report also referred to a meeting after midnight on 31 January between the then-vice president and representatives of the December 23 coalition, after which the opposition pledged allegiance to Dr Mohamed Waheed Hassan and called on the security forces not to obey commands of President Nasheed.

Among the assurances sought by the opposition was for Dr Waheed to not resign “despite any pressure” and lead a national unity government until 2013.


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  1. "MDP government’s intelligence learned of coup planning, claims report"

    Yet the MDP did not stop it. So MDP is also responsible for the coup.

  2. It doesn't take Mossad to unravel this plot.

    It was being ranted by all, on radio, on podiums, on live tv, etc...

    Intelligence?....don't make me laugh...

  3. The issue we are facing is quite complex and army and the police will defend their position with all their might.

  4. Is any old person legally empowered to carry out investigations and compile investigative reports in this country now then?

    Then please cite this comment as well. Never mind the fact that I'm an anonymous comment poster and a regular Maldivian citizen.

    Here is my report of how things went on on 7th February 2011.

    The evil forces of Qayyoom gathered together at the underground lair to plan the destruction of the Other-Maldives and the entire planet. Qayyoom had long been perfecting his tsunami machine to drive the Maldives and its picture-perfect democracy under the waves along with the only remaining hope for saving the climate, Captain Nasheed!

    Meanwhile Hoara Ibbe (Fire), Prepaid Shiuna (Wind), Ameen Faisal (Earth), Mustafa Lutfi (Water) and Velezinee (Spirit) were combining their forces to summon the great hero Captain Nasheed.

    However uniformed zombies created by Qayyoom's infamous poisoned fangs were roaming the streets along with the non-MDP political parties and their supporters who are by extension not part of the Other-Maldives due to the cardinal sin of opposing planet-saver Captain Nasheed.

    Once summoned Captain Nasheed set about leading his righteous armies to battle within the Fortress of Light.

    However Qayyoom had set to work earlier than anticipated. Biting left and right here and there ensuring that his the civil service, independent institutions, media, security forces, my old grandmother were all slaves to his whims.

    Captain Nasheed, seeing that the only remaining hope for the planet was to relinquish his rightful throne and mount a media campaign with crows, faux-voodoo and the whole shebang immediately hatched a mastermind plan, pretending to resign under duress while honest law-abiding Other-Maldivians and Nasheedists abroad waited in the wings to smite Qayyoom with the sword of truth.

    Lo and behold the day of reckoning is nigh! Qayyoom can no longer withstand the most truthiest of all truth-tellers. The famed seer and guardian of secrets. Mohamed Aslam - he of the wondrously luxuriant sideburns and his faithful sidekick Ameen Faisal - one of the many avatars of Captain Nasheed.

  5. Ameen Faisal having intelligence? He would not know if it bit him on the ass.
    If this was so why didn't they take any action? According to this it is only one Brigadier and 1 Colonel.
    Surely the NSA and the MInister of Defence, if they were competent should be able to neutralise these 3 people in the MNDF?
    No this is a fiasco and Anni did not deserve to be President after all what he did in breaking the law.
    This is Allah's Will.

  6. @tsk tsk

    for once u had nothing concrete to say. this report surely must be hitting a nerve, n quite a bitter one it seems

  7. Just like CIA had previous knowledge of September 11...... ( ゚ Д゚)

  8. @tsk tsk

    I knew it that Qayoom and His Zombie Minions....... they ve been planning to overthrow our Messiah Nasheed from the start.... but worry not, we the MDP will rule over this pitiful bagees for the next 500 years after the 2013 election.

  9. "She will bear a son, and you shall call his name Nasheed, for he will save his people from their sins." — In Reeko 1:21

  10. What is this the X files, power rangers or captain planet. Maumoon always gets to play the bady....wonder how his evil laugh sounds like

  11. Looks like the report is really beginning to hurt some people. You can judge from the reaction of some here and elsewhere. There can only be one reason for such reactions: truth hurts!

    Well done guys, on a timely release of vital information that is of national importance.

  12. ' Messiah Nasheed ' , ' Intelligence'? can't stop my laughing ! The only effective intelligence team we had in our history is during the regime of 'kuda Abdullah'. That is a group wizards.

  13. It was planned in public, with opposition figures giving press conferences about their plans. President Nasheed's arrest of the judge provided them with more meat for their plans. The naive public did not take these proclamations seriously.

    And unfortunately Islam was also sold off in this barter, with religion being openly used as a political tool to whip up hatred against Nasheed and his supporters. The sheikhs role in this really makes one wonder if they even believe in Islam at all.

    Though along with the sheikhs MNDF and to a large extent the police has lost its standing in the society and dirtied the name of their respective forces. All for the love of money or a misguided idea of protecting religion.

    The country will get worse before it gets better though one does question that in a country where security forces and sheikhs had sold their souls things could ever get better.

    I do admire Gayoom, that old dude will never let an enemy of his rule this country, he is the kingmaker, only one he allows will rule this country.


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