Taxi driver arrested for sexual assault

A 56-year-old taxi driver was taken into police custody last night after allegedly attempting to sexually assault a 21-year-old female passenger.

According to police, the 21-year-old hailed the taxi near the Social Centre in Male’ around 7:30pm.

A family member of the victim told Sun Online that the same taxi driver had tried to molest the woman on Thursday.

“My sister said he was referring to himself as brother. Where can brother take you, he said, and he tried to touch her. She told him to immediately stop the car. That’s when my sister got out,” the family member was quoted as saying.


Runaway girl turned in to police by taxi driver

A 13 year-old runaway reported missing to the police was turned in by a taxi driver this afternoon and sent back to her family.

Police informed media today and appealed for public assistance in their search for Yashfa Ahmed, of G. Hurasfaru, after her family reported that she had run away around 11:45pm on Friday.

However, Sun Online reported this evening that the girl was found around 4:20pm when she hailed a taxi on Roashanee Magu and the driver turned her in to the police.

A police media official confirmed that the taxi driver reported her to the police and that she has since been returned to her family.

The 13 year-old had previously run away from home last month and was found inside a residence in Galolhu.


Cab driver accused of attempted rape

A taxi driver has been reported to police for allegedly trying to sexually assault a girl inside the cab.

Police Lance Corporal Abdul Majeed Moosa told Minivan News that the incident occurred in Male’ inside a taxi yesterday.

”No person was so far arrested in connection with the case,” he said. ”We are now investigating the case.”

Local media has reported that the girl was 20 years-old and had called the taxi dispatch to send a taxi to take her home during her break at noon yesterday.

Instead the cab driver allegedly took her to a pickup parking lot near the Customs Office in Maafannu and attempted to take advantage of her, according to local medias, tearing her dress in an attempt to remove her clothes.

Media reported that the girl cried out and tried to knock on the car windows during the attempted rape, but the car had darkly tinted windows.

Then the driver took to Chandanee Magu, where she escaped and ran home.

The driver had tried to hold her inside the taxi by covering her mouth using his hands, however the girl attacked him with a pin, local media reported.