Cab driver accused of attempted rape

A taxi driver has been reported to police for allegedly trying to sexually assault a girl inside the cab.

Police Lance Corporal Abdul Majeed Moosa told Minivan News that the incident occurred in Male’ inside a taxi yesterday.

”No person was so far arrested in connection with the case,” he said. ”We are now investigating the case.”

Local media has reported that the girl was 20 years-old and had called the taxi dispatch to send a taxi to take her home during her break at noon yesterday.

Instead the cab driver allegedly took her to a pickup parking lot near the Customs Office in Maafannu and attempted to take advantage of her, according to local medias, tearing her dress in an attempt to remove her clothes.

Media reported that the girl cried out and tried to knock on the car windows during the attempted rape, but the car had darkly tinted windows.

Then the driver took to Chandanee Magu, where she escaped and ran home.

The driver had tried to hold her inside the taxi by covering her mouth using his hands, however the girl attacked him with a pin, local media reported.


10 thoughts on “Cab driver accused of attempted rape”

  1. When will your editorial standards ever improve, Minivan? In this article you refer to a 20-year-old as a "girl" and on another article published on the same day, a person of the same age is referred to as a "man". Both are legally defined as adults within the Maldives so they are woman and man respectively, not girl and man.

    It is common in popular culture to refer to adult women as girls as it may even seem flattering, but it essentially infantisizing them. It is also condescending and belittling. If there were any feminists in this country, at least functional ones, they would tell you that. Try to pay attention to things like this, editor.

  2. I guess we cant trust the cab drivers of Male' anymore. The police need to tell the public who the cab driver was (his name) and his car number for the sake of public awareness and safety.

  3. the only country where broad day light crime incidents occur where there is just a small population of about 3 lacs and where it's so easy to arrest the suspect..also where criminals are never brought to justice...also where the criminals have a free ride,

    criminals!you are totally free in this rape,to kill,to rob,to abuse drugs!there isn't anyone to protect the general public!

  4. This is a serious matter. Lets hope that this was the last such crime. The taxi companies should ensure that quick and an exemplary punishment is given to the accused. This incident can hurt cab drivers economically as no girl alone will go in a taxi.

  5. It must a beardee and the girl must have been wearing a nice dress which made the drivers hormones go out of sync.

    So its the girls fault.

    And for those who want to say otherwise, look closely how the descendants of the Prophet, views these kinds of incidents.

  6. Shujau: what do you know about the descendants of the Prophet or the Prophet? I believe you know very little. It is sad that some of us have to use every opportunity to belittle Islam. If you so hate Islam, why not just be something else but that.

  7. The threats from fundamentalists, extremists and terrorists are growing in the maldives. tourists are now scared to visit as they may be targetted in organized robberies and other gang activities. All these crimes are committed by clean shaved extremists.

    What are the people, the government doing about this??? Actualy there are elements in in the government who are paving the way for this distruction, knowingly or unknowingly..


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