Approval sought for six ministers

President Abdulla Yameen has requested the approval of the People’s Majlis for six cabinet ministers.

The request was forwarded to the Parliament Committee on Oversight of the Government today.

The six ministers to be reviewed are:

Minister of Islamic Affairs, Dr Mohamed Shaheem
Minister of Fisheries and Agriculture, Dr Mohamed Shainee
Minister of Home Affairs, Umar Naseer
Minister of Environment and Energy, Thorig Ibrahim
Minister of Housing and Infrastructure, Dr Mohamed Muizzu
Minister of Economic Development, Mohamed Saeed

A request for the approval of five ministers was sought on Sunday, which are still in review.

Approval for the Minister of Education, Dr Aishath Shiham, Minister of Youth and Sports, Maleeh Jamal, Minister of Health and Gender, Dr Mariyam Shakeela, and the most recent appointment, Attorney General Mohamed Anil, has yet to be forwarded.