Ready to fight dengue in Sri Lanka with ‘any commitment’: President Rajapaksa

The Sri Lankan government is ready to make any commitment for the eradication of dengue from the country, says President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

Every citizen has a responsibility to keep their environment clean and tidy, he says. They have a duty to ensure that there is no room for mosquito breeding grounds in their environment. The President said this task cannot be done by the government alone and it needs more public support.

Up to 30 July, official Sri Lankan dengue cases have reached 23,145, with 171 deaths. Colombo, Gampaha and Kandy have the highest infection rates.

Up to 25 July in Malaysia, 27,400 dengue cases have been reported, with 91 deaths. Kuala Lumpur has high infection rates.

In Thailand, 41,136 cases have been officially recorded up to 20 July, with 38 deaths.


2 thoughts on “Ready to fight dengue in Sri Lanka with ‘any commitment’: President Rajapaksa”

  1. The appearance of dengue is the outcome of untidy and careless nature of a beast nation. A nation that spits anywhere, throw empty cans and garbage anywhere invites not only dengue but also any epidemic that destroys a community.

  2. Will they exterminate these mosquitoes the same way they exterminated the Tamil's?


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