Mohamed Arham was killed in revenge attack over gang argument: police

Deputy Head of Police Serious and Organised Crime, Dhaudh Mohamed, has said that 16 year-old Mohamed Arham was killed in a revenge attack in an argument that night between two gangs.

Speaking to the press at Iskandhar Koshi, Dhaudh said that the police investigation had  found out that Arham had a close relationship with the gang, who were based in the park in which he was found dead. The victim had no previous criminal record, although he used to visit the park frequently, police stated.

Police also appealed to the public to share any information they had regarding the death of Mohamed Arham.

Arham’s body was discovered on Wednesday morning at around 6:00am by police inside the park locally known as ‘Lorenzo Park’, behind the Kulliyathul Dhirasathul Islamiyya building.

Four men were arrested in connection with the murder, however police have not revealed their names saying it might interrupt the investigation.

The Education Ministry, Human Rights Commission of the Maldives (HRCM) and police have condemned the attack on the boy.

Friends of Arham have meanwhile confirmed that he was in the park at night after all his friends left because he was too tired to go home, as he had just finished attending a camp that day.

Arham did not leave the park with his friends and may have fallen asleep in the park alone, and been attacked while he was asleep, according to some of Arham’s friends.

Mohamed Arham was a student at grade 9 in Dharmavantha School when he died.


17 thoughts on “Mohamed Arham was killed in revenge attack over gang argument: police”

  1. So what? He is still dead.

    And the country is like a person who has polio. Unable to stand up for the rights of her citizens.

  2. All I read on this website is about murders, muggings and are increasingly becoming a lawless state like Pakistan.
    In fact, your similarity to Pakistani society is uncanny.....
    The same intolerant sunni muslim faith.
    The same primitive religious laws.
    The same intolerance towards 'unbelievers', including other muslim sects like shias, ahmaddiyas and sufis.
    The same political instability.
    The same bankrupt economy.
    Even the same penchant for brown sugar and industrial solvents!!
    You are like twin brothers separated at birth.

  3. Are the likes of Hassan Saeed trying to divert the mess, blame and blood with this tragedy so that the government can get the public to focus on something else??? Read his article in Haveeru!!

  4. @Indira:Two pieces of shit abandoned by India and now fighting to regain? Pakistan- a partitioned waste land from British India; Maldives founded by an ancient exiled Indian prince

  5. Indira, stop getting all huffed and puffed up. Have you read any news papers of India? Or any papers of the United States of America for that matter? What primitive laws? It is the similarity of your hatred to the hate filled extremists, whether it be Muslim, Hindu, Christian or Jewish extremists, that is what is uncanny. You hate filled people should learn how to accept the reality of the world and try to do something for a change rather then ranting and venting your hatred. Peace out!

  6. @ Indira

    "You are like twin brothers separated at birth."
    No, we are like triplets separated at birth. India is the one you did not mention.

  7. "The victim had no previous criminal record, although he used to visit the park frequently, police stated."

    Can someone please tell me what this mean.
    I notice that Minivan has skilfully deleted my earlier comment on this.

  8. Oops!
    i notice that Minivan has corrected the sentence I quoted.
    Please ignore my comment.

  9. The police have thrown some light...This guy was part of particular gang and ended up being victim of gang turf war.

  10. @Indira
    My dear Lady . India is worst than Maldives or Pakistan in terms of Muders and terrorists, Terrorist groups or terrorist attacks. Sorry to say this In in India you will find all kind of terrorists in one place. Safron terrorists
    ( Hindu terrorists) , Muslim terrorists , Christian terrorists , Maoist terrorists, Naxalites terrorists, Drug lord terrorists in places like Mumbai ,and countless number of terrorist groups are active in North and Eastern States like Jammu & Kasmir, Manipur, Assam , West Bengal, Bihar. Utherpradesh , etc. and there is a unique kind of terrorists that you don't find any where in the world , that is caste based terrorists who kill and discriminate that of lower castes. Just because they think from birth they are superior than lower castes. Hundreds of Thousands of innocent girls are murdered each year in their own mothers wombs just because they are females
    Sad ! But true . So my dear Lady better clean your own shits and then talk about others ! !

  11. @ Indra
    My dear Lady ! India is worst than Maldives or Pakistan in terms of mugging , stabing , murdering and terrorists. Sorry to say this. In Gujrat Thousands of innocents Muslims were burned alive and killed by Hindu terrorists mobs while police and Military were unable to stop this. Women were raped and shops and businesses were looted. Hundreds of innocents Hindus were killed in bomb attacks in Mumbai and elsewhere by Muslim terrorists. Hundreds of people killed in fake encounters by millitary in Kasmir and elswhere. Hundreds still remain missing. Many innocent Christians were attack and killed by Hindu extremists terrorists. Many poor Hindus were forced to converts to Christianity by Christian mercenaries. Some Hindu Holymen and innocent Hindus were killed by Christian terrorists. Many innocent Kasmiri Pandits were forced to migrates to Jammu. Many innocent Muslims in Jammu were forced to migrates to Kasmir. Hundreds of innocent Sikhs were murdered by extremist Hindu mobs after the assasination of the Indian prime minister Indra Gandhi by her Sikh body gurds. Sikh 's golden temple was stormed by military to kill sikh millitants by the order of Indra Gandhi. 16th century Muslim mosque in Ayyodia and many other mosques were destroy to the ground level by Hindu extremists. Many temples were destroyed by Muslim and Christian extremists. Many Churches were destroyed by Hindu extremists. Wow! See how tolerant you are? In India you will find all kind of terrorists in one place. Saffron terrorists ( Hindu terrorist ) , Muslim terrorists, Christian terrorists, Maoist terrorists ,Naxalites terrorists, Land Lord terrorists, Bandit terrorists, Drug lord terrorists ( Under World ) especialy in Mumbai and countless number of terrorists groups and rebels are active in Northern states and estern states such as Jamm & Kasmir, Utharakand, Manipur, Tripura, Assam, Bihar, Utharapradesh, West Bengal , etc. There is a terrorist group in India that you don't find anywhere in the world that is Hindu caste based terrorists. The upper caste who considered themselves from birth superior than Middle and lower castes . Lower caste are called dalit and considered untouchable. They are much dicriminated and sometimes killed for a small things such as sharing same names as upper caste people and falling in love with upper caste partner or marrying. In their rituals lower caste people were made to roll over the remaining foods which had eaten by upper caste.
    Every year , Hundreds of Thousands of innocents girls were murdered in their own mothers wombs by their parents. Their only crime was beign female.
    So my dear Lady ! When you point finger toward others , make sure there four fingers toward you !

  12. Indira New Delhi- obvious its a crafty work of someone to stir up some anti Indian sentiments. How just only by reading this site the writer knows so much about the ground reality and why the writer should be so concerned about Maldives. Its the dirty work of....

  13. it would take less then three weeks for people to forget arham and whoever killed him to walk free on the roads of this hell-hole of a city we call maldives


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