Backup generators fail at IGMH during power outage

Backup generators at Indira Gandhi Memorial Hospital (IGMH) failed early on Tuesday morning, after a power outage in Male’ left the hospital without electricity.

A person who was at he hospital at the time told Haveeru that IGMH was in pitch darkness when the blackout occurred at 1:30am, with even staff in the intensive care unit forced to use torches.

“They did not turn on the backup system after the power outage. The whole ICU was full. People were very upset,” the witness told the paper.

Male Health Services Corporation (MHSC) Media Coordinator Zeenath Ali told Haveeru that the power was restored after 15 minutes and that no patients had been hurt.

A STELCO engineer said the power outage was due to an overheating generator.


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