Bureau of Classifications on strike over broken air conditioner

Staff at the Maldives National Bureau of Classifications have declared themselves on strike over an air conditioner they claim has not worked for two months, reports Sun Online.

“We’ve been working in this heat for all this time. We stopped work today, until we find a solution,” a staff member told Sun.

The National Bureau of Classifications is responsible for classifying all artistic content produced in and imported into the Maldives.


2 thoughts on “Bureau of Classifications on strike over broken air conditioner”

  1. Are these the people who are responsible for declaring a movie or book as unIslamic? Lol.

    People always say that homosexuality is unnatural. Guess what, animals indulge in gay sex. But I don't see any species using air conditioners. Ergo a/cs are haraam! Work in the heat.

    Quran 9:81 "They said: "March not forth in the heat." Say: "The Fire of Hell is more intense in heat", if only they could understand!"


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