Campaigns of disinformation “illustrate the death throes of the fossil fuel interests”: Nasheed

President Mohamed Nasheed has urged students at Oxford University to refrain from working for oil and coal companies who “threaten vulnerable countries like the Maldives and fund campaigns denying the existence of Climate Change.”

In his address to the Oxford Union, Nasheed claimed that the campaigns of disinformation “illustrate the death throes of the fossil fuel interests.”

“It is natural that these powerful vested interests are fighting hard – for they are fighting for their own survival,” Nasheed said. “Their dominance of the world economy is coming to an end.”

Addressing a packed audience of students, President Nasheed urged them to ignore the “lure of the fossil fuel industry” but to “join the new, exciting economy of tomorrow” created by renewable energy and clean tech companies.

In his speech, which was focused on climate change, the President reiterated his call for a fair and comprehensive climate package from Cancun summit.

Nasheed returns from a tour of the UK on Monday.