Maldives National Movement to protest against Nexbis

The Maldives National Movement is to begin protesting against Nexbis and the Border Control System (BCS) project, should the GMR contract be annulled.

The National Movement was formed by government coalition parties who oppose the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport (INIA) development being run by GMR.

Speaking at a press conference held at Traders Hotel today (November 26), Steering Committee member of National Movement and Minister of State for Tourism Ahmed Shameem said that the group aims to protest against all illegal agreements made.

“The names of our activities are constantly changing. We had to protest in the name of National Movement because these issues required action to be taken at national level.

“Our first target was to settle the airport issue. After that, we will not hesitate to take action against the Border Control System issue either. We will do that, we will protest against all issues that citizens do not accept,” he said.

Shameem stated that the National Movement is prepared to get the country on the right track, along with the help of Maldivian citizens.

“We have yet to find out if the ‘People’s Majlis’ is in fact a people’s Parliament. We will do that too, if you participate. Some members of Parliament believe that they control the whole country, that they can do whatever they want. So that’s also something we will protest against,” he said.

The Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee has decided to ask the government to cancel the agreement on Border Control System project, a move supported by the Attorney General and Finance Ministry.


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